High Hopes

I'm feeling fairly confident that the Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12 will work for me...mostly. I won't know until I can actually run in them. At least in photos they LOOK very wide...look at that forefoot (right shoe) compared to the NB on the left. That NB is the one that has given me the stupid baby toe blister, especially on my right, wider/bigger foot. That rounded, snubbed nose on the Nike is more like NB's shoes USED to be. The midfoot also looks very snug, so the lack of the N-lock/arch-lock feature that NB shoes possess will likely not be missed. The biggest issue I am concerned with is forefoot flexibility. If the forefoot is too stiff my peroneal tendons (outer arch) will start giving me fits.

As a couple of friends have pointed out, the Nike SHOULD work for me...after all, it has "zoom" right in the name. That has to be a good thing, right? Perhaps it's fate. My beloved little Mazda 3s has zoom-zoom, my running shoe should have zoom, too.

I'm feeling less nervous about the NB 904, too. The forefoot definitely looks more tapered (that's the 902, aka my favorite shoe ever, on the left and the updated 904 on the right)--but not as severely so as the change to the NB 769 from earlier versions. The upper has fewer overlays and is bound to have more give, too. Granted, all of these photos were likely taken using medium-width samples, but it still allows for a rough idea of the overall shape and proportions of the shoes...I think.

I only need one of these shoes to work. I also have a larger pair of the entry-level NB 749s on order, but I'm not real confident that they will work. They were too short, way too narrow and curved (like the 769s), and just kind of a weird fit, so I won't be surprised if I end up having to exchange them for something else. It would be nice to have 2 different models to rotate, but I would happily settle for one shoe that works for me...a shoe that I can lace-up and forget about for 26.2 miles, just as I was able to with my trusty blue 902s.

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