I'm skeered...

And feeling butterflies. Less than 48 hours until I feel the pain, again:
Kent City Ridge Run 15k -- that's last year's race report

I'm not running today...need to go do my ab and upper body workout. Tomorrow I plan to only run 3.5-4 miles EASY. And I need to get my butt into bed MUCH earlier the next two nights. I keep getting this annoying second wind late in the evening, then being up until midnight or later...of course, I still end up awake when DH's alarm goes off, so I'm lucky to get 6-7 hours of sleep this week, when I really need closer to 8-9. The added iron I've been taking is wreaking havoc with my GI tract, so that's making sleep a bit less comfortable, too. I think tomorrow I may avoid the extra iron supplement to give my gut a break and make it less likely that I will have "issues" on race morning.

Race day forecast is for temps in the low to mid-30s with windchills about 10 degrees cooler. Not bad. Earlier they were predicting rain, but it looks like that may not show until later in the day. Phew! So it will be a long-sleeve, long-tights race, but at least the ground will be clear and dry.


  1. Good luck! you'll do great!!

    I have serious issues with iron too and have been taking it lately in the hopes of being able to donate blood. (They have turned me down lately because my hemoglobin isn't high enough).

    I've been taking the iron every other day to try and give my poor stomach a break, but still. It's tough.

    Can't wait to hear about the 15K!!