I'm stalling

I really need to get down to business and do one of my new Cathe Friedrich workouts, but it's dreary and rainy for the 2nd day in a row and I'm still tired...stayed up too late and am short on sleep thanks to our night at Great Wolf Lodge a couple of nights ago and last night...then losing that hour for daylight savings. Bleh.

And I know that I am going to have DOMS (likely for days afterward) after doing these workouts, especially for the first few weeks. My next couple of runs (going into week 8 of training for Bayshore) are almost certain to be kind of unpleasant. Yes, I know...HTFU!

Today's workout will likely be the Muscle Endurance one. I don't think I'm ready for the Boot Camp workout...yet. I know that one's pretty brutal. Heck, most of her videos are, but that one has an especially lethal reputation.

I have the 8# medicine ball used in both workouts...but I think for now I'd better grab a 5# hand weight. I know from prior experience with Cathe's workouts that when just starting out I can really not do more than 1/2 to 2/3 the weight she uses and still maintain proper form and the full number of sets and reps. When she uses the barbell loaded with 40#s I load mine with 25-30 and still get one helluva workout.

But I gotta get more muscle tone. The running alone is not doing much for my weight loss and I like eating. I would rather eat the same amount and exercise more. I hate "dieting." Granted, I need to eat better (ie more veggies and fruits, which is easier as weather gets warmer and we enter growing season in MI), but I don't really care to eat less or "lite." More muscle = faster metabolism. I'd also like to have more defined arms...not these little t-rex wimpy things. And the stronger abs will definitely help in those later miles of the marathon when I'm shot and my torso tends to crumple forward.

Heh, speaking of the eating thing...I've done too much of that in recent days. When we weren't playing in the water park at the Great Wolf Lodge we were eating. I had my first buffalo burger (from a buffalo farm just a mile or so up the road from the resort). Man, that is GOOD. Like black angus beef, but even better. DELISH! Also had my first meal at Qdoba on the way home. Wow, everything I had heard is true. And it seems to be really healthy stuff. Not fried, not processed. I had a shredded beef and black bean burrito with salsa verde. My mouth was very happy. I will definitely have to make a point of hitting the one in Grand Rapids next time I am out that way.

The Great Wolf Lodge itself was very nice. Spacious, clean, comfortable room with a fridge and microwave, nice on-site restaurants, awesome water park, great staff. My only complaint was that the walls were paper thin and even though we were at least 3 doors down from the stairwell we could hear people coming up and down the stairs...sounded like thunder. And these were just people walking normally up the stairs. We will definitely return, though. Hubby was able to get a great discount on our room through a deal with his company...about half of regular retail. Too bad the deal is only a midweek Winter thing. I'd love to go in the Summer when the outdoor wave pool and sun deck are open.

On the way home we decided to take the scenic route and hit the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. Darn it...it was closed for the season. I guess we shouldn't have been too surprised, but it sure would have been nice for DS to be able to look down the massive dune. Last time we were there I was just a few months pregnant with him. Perhaps we will have to plan a Fall weekend getaway so that he can see the dunes before the park closes for Winter. I really love that entire Traverse City/Leelanau Peninsula area. It reminds me a lot of the area where I grew up (Door County, WI), but less overdeveloped, for the most part. I'd love to live up by all those cherries and Black Star Farms Winery, too. I loves me some BSF Arcturos dry riesling.

Maybe we can take the long way home after I run Bayshore in May. Though I certainly won't be up for going up or down the sand dune...I will stay in the car and sleep while the boys have fun on the dune. ;)

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