*looks at calendar*

Yep, it's still Winter. Wow. Today we hit around 60. When I ran @11 it was somewhere between 45 and 50...and I was overdressed. Good thing I only went 4 miles, but I was actually uncomfortable in the sun. That hasn't happened in MONTHS! I had on a heavier long-sleeved shirt and 3/4 length tights. I would have been MUCH comfier in a T-shirt with those tights. Boy, it's hard to know how to dress this time of the year. A week ago we were well below freezing and had snow in the air.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get closer to 70. Egads! I'm tempted to wear a skirt, but I always hate how naked I feel for my first couple of bare-legged runs...plus my skin is day-glow white. I'm afraid of blinding motorists and other people out enjoying the day.

That brings up my next quandry...to tan, or not to tan. I'm by no means a tan-a-holic, but for the past 2 Springs I have purchased a one month tanning package...partly to give some color to my raw bratwurst-looking legs, but also to help keep me from burning to a crisp during my first few long runs of the Spring season. I haven't found a sunscreen that doesn't sweat off in the first mile and I only had to make the mistake of putting sunblock on my face once to learn that when it sweats into one's eyes it hurts more than anything imaginable (lemon juice ain't got nuthin' on Coppertone Sport).

The little gym I'm a member of through the end of April offers $16 unlimited tanning/month for members. Part of me wants to go do a month, but then I look at the wrinkles I am gradually developing and consider the cancer thing and am not sure which scenario offers less risk (plus I love my pretty new tattoo on my calf and know that UV exposure will cause it to fade). At least the tanning option will likely mean less pain in the form of a burn...but. Ugh, I wish I were one of those fortunate olive-skinned people who never burned. Scandinavian/Scottish heritage does not make for skin that is resilient against sun exposure, unfortunately.

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  1. There's lots of sunscreens now designed for athletes- Kinsey's is one and Mission products are the other. I like the Kinsey's better cause it's a spray on.