Lust is a 7 deadly sin...right?

And I don't care. This was found on a Swedish website by some fellow Forerunner 305 fans with text saying "release in 2009". The current 405 is a dog, from much of what I hear. Too small and "fashionable" with its smaller round face and bezel to be as useful--and more $$. But this...this...oh, not. Smaller, sleeker version of my beloved FR305. I don't even care if it lacks the HRM--I've never once used mine in well over a year's time. My asthma keeps me from overdoing it.

This new one looks more water resistant. I would get moisture under the face of mine from runs in heavy rain. If they could make the case waterproof it would appeal to triathletes, I'm certain.

If that baby is released this year I would likely grab it and give my existing 305 to my best friend, since she has always wanted one (and could desperately benefit--her training runs are hardly slower than her race paces, then she ends up injured over and over), but never can seem to justify the expense (I think staying out of the doctor or PT's office would be reason enough, personally...).


  1. Doesn't look to lack the HRM; it's got heart rate data on the screen. :D


  2. I'll bet it does come with the HRM strap, then. If they made a version that didn't have the strap or HRM I'd be fine with that, too.

    And it's ORANGE!


  3. That is AWSOME. I just sold my 305 to another blogger cause it was a dog knowing that when I was ready to train seriously again, I'd buy the newest version.