Phew...what a relief!

My computer (one of the original Mac Minis) has done some relatively minor flaky things with graphical bits in recent months. The little navigation buttons in Finder sort of shrunk down, Mail lost its search field and eventually became non-responsive and wouldn't open (luckily this was AFTER I downloaded Thunderbird, so it wasn't really a biggie after that), but what really was the last straw was a few days ago when I downloaded the updated 8.1 version of iTunes and there were NO graphical bits, not even a scroll bar, and no ability to select my playlists or update my iPod Shuffle (you know, the 2nd gen. one that looks like a little matchbook and is easy to use with whatever headphones I wish *wink wink nudge nudge*).

So I attempted to reinstall the previous version of iTunes and it would no longer recognize my library, since it had been authorized to the newest version--ack...kill me!

It's not in the budget at the moment (hubby just took a 10% pay cut, but still has a job...for that we are very thankful) to buy the recently update version of my Mac Mini and we're expecting Apple to release it with OS 10.6 installed by the end of the year, so we're holding out for that.

My computer is nearly 4 years old and is running 10.4.11. I'd never reinstalled the OS before today, but several Mac-tastic friends on RunningAHEAD.com reassured me that it was easy and would almost certainly fix a host of issues and speed up my 'puter. They were SO totally right! In addition to reinstalling the OS I also deleted a bunch of programs I never use (like Garage Band) and uninstalled others that I haven't used in forever--I can always reinstall them if I ever see the need, which isn't likely for a lot of these memory hogs.

I can't believe how painless that was...I really should have done that long ago. Just to be safe we copied everything of importance to the external HD, but it was unnecessary, as everything was safely saved automatically in a folder on the main HD containing everything from the previous set-up...I can simply delete that folder once I am certain that everything is in order.

I *heart* my Mac! :)


  1. I heart my mac, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me after killing two other laptops in the first 18 months of law school!! I will never buy a PC again. Glad you got yours fixed up. If I ever have problems, bet on me coming to you for help :)

  2. I think a lot of PC peeps are surprised when they find out that this is my first ever reinstall...after at least 3.5 years of using this machine. I don't know anyone with a PC who has had a trouble-free stretch like that.

    I'm a dedicated Mac-fan, too. Mostly because "back in the day" it was the superior OS for doing graphics/Photo work. It still is preferable at the high end, like movie production (watch the credits of a lot of movies with tons of digital effects and quite a bit of the work is on Macs, the rest on custom OSs designed for that purpose), but I think Windows and Photoshop work better together now than they did 10+ years ago.