*stomps feet* Don't wanna! *pouts*

After a handful of days of unseasonably warm temps we're back to weather more typical of mid-March...high temps just a bit above freezing and windchills in the 20s. Yuck. It only takes a couple of runs in short sleeves and short, lightweight tights to make me a complete weather wuss. I loathe the thought of wearing a hat that covers my ears and gloves, again. I actually have subtle tan lines from my 9 mile run 2 days ago...I can see the contrast on my wrist between where my Garmin sits and the nekkid flesh. Poo.

At least we aren't likely to deal with much in the way of snow and ice at this point in the season (*knocks on wood*). Phew. But motivating myself to get out for another 9 miler is taking a lot more effort today. I'm not looking forward to pulling on the long, heavier tights and long-sleeved top...plus warmer socks. Thankfully it's mostly sunny...that's something working in the weather's favor.

The one advantage of the return of colder temps...my allergies have settled back down some. Yesterday I had horribly itchy eyes and have been sneezing a fair amount, too. Just a taste of things to come, unfortunately. I can deal with the allergies...I'm hoping my current asthma treatment regimen allows me a better Spring running season this year. Bayshore Marathon is pretty much during the peak of tree pollen season, which had me in bad straits last year--that's when I ended up on Advair, as I was using my Albuterol inhaler far too often.

After my run 2 days ago my right knee was bugging me...again (I even avoided enjoying a St. Patty's Day beer or two, in favor of some "vitamin I"). Things seem to be OK today, so hopefully it's just a fleeting thing. I've been prone to random knee crankies/arthritis ever since puberty--often when cold fronts are approaching. So I'm chalking-up my recent symptoms to that. I hate that every little knee twinge now has me paranoid of the return of my knee issues from last Spring/Summer. I am nearly half-way through training for marathon #2...thus far it's been a MUCH smoother ride than training for #1 was.

In 9 days I am planning to race the Kent City Ridge Run 15k for the second time, so I'm already following the extended forecast for race day. At the moment it's predicted to be a high of 42 with 60% chance of rain. Meh. Hopefully that changes between now and race day. That temp would be fine, but rain in the low-40s is icky. Anything would be better than the 6" of wet cement-like snow that fell the night before the race last year. Some of those downhills felt pretty precarious.

Last year I placed 3/7 in my age group. This year I hope to place, as well. I'm fitter this year, but I will have run a 19 miler only 4 days prior to the race, so that could leave me feeling pretty beat-up come race day. Regardless, the race will serve as great speed work. Those hills are brutal, too. I wish I had hills to train on around here without having to drive a ways.

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