Summer dreams...

In my quest to find the perfect, practical, comfy bathing suit to fit my goofy bod and be supportive and stay put playing in the waves of Lake MI and at a nearby water park, I found this little Nike number. The color I would want (all other combos have a white bottom band, which I have found on other suits has a tendency to get yellowed from chlorine and sunscreens) is not available in any size, unfortunately...which I'm guessing is not an issue of them being sold-out, but due to it not yet being Spring bathing suit selling season and Nike carrying limited stock until closer to beach weather.

Me likey. Me wants. And the choice of coordinating bottoms are fun...skirts, boyshorts, bikinis.... I like the skirt shown at right. Camouflages the saggy, lower mom-gut the best and adds a bit of modesty. At 36 I no longer feel like parading my tushie for all to see. The suit is actually a separate top (only comes in D cups...about damned time that manufacturers start making separates with sporty, supportive designs for women with larger-than-average "girls") and bottoms (each piece is $44...not as cheap as the separates I'd find at Target--but Target doesn't carry anything to fit boobs much larger than a C cup, either. Nike stuff is generally really good quality and durable, too).

I know very few women who find that sets or one-piece suits work well for them. One half almost always seems to be a different size than the other. Or, like me, they have boobs that are disproportionate to their band size...small band and larger bust (my issue...this also makes finding sports bras a real challenge) or larger band and smaller bust. Then we get the top to fit and the bottom doesn't. At my ideal weight my top half is a medium and my bottom is XS/S.

I have sore spots on the sides of my upper torso/boobs where the underwires in my current bikini top dug in and nearly punctured the fabric. My last separates suit fit nice and lacked underwire, but if I bent over I risked boobies falling out. Not so good at water parks. Top on current suit harnesses the boobs, but is painful. The wires actually poke right on the spot where my drains scars are from my breast reduction. 5 years later and those scar areas are still a little sensitive.

Since I'm not one for laying on the beach I have been wishing for something that would be supportive and comfy...I'm thinking that top up there would be perfect. And it even comes as small as a 32D (it's in sizes 32-38D) for any of my fellow small ribcage/big boobs girlfriends. :D

The back is really cool, too...it has a traditional bathing suit clasp to make it easier to get on than it would look from the front, but also has adjustability of the back T-strap.

Today I did my Cathe Muscle Endurance workout, as I had planned. It went REALLY well. On some of the leg work I could almost certainly use the same weight she did...my legs are stronger than I give myself credit for. Arms were pretty much what I expected...I did about 2/3 - 3/4 the weight she did. I'm sure I'm gonna have some DOMS tomorrow, but I look forward to it. I can't get sore working out on the machines at the gym. Partly because they bore me...but they also offer limited range of movement and not enough variety. Give me some free weights and I'll start seeing visible results in a couple of weeks. And no dealing with smelly or rude people at the gym.

I think the two workouts on my new DVD (the other workout is a boot camp style workout) are going to be great cross-training for running. The slow/heavy sort of stuff that Cathe also does is probably not something that would be as beneficial as the lower weight, higher rep work on this DVD. The sorts of work on these two workouts is more aerobic and works a lot of the muscles that runners tend to neglect...arms, abs, back. Also some good quad work to help keep my knees strong and happy. And Cathe is just a fantastic "coach." She often does tours and someday I'd love to get in on one of her live workouts. Using her DVDs is like having a personal trainer in my living room--and she's not the least bit annoying...unlike Denise Austin. *gag*

If I get a craving for more slow/heavy work I may do one day of workout from this DVD and then maybe a day of my Muscle Max DVD...which isn't truly slow/heavy, but is a fairly intense moderate weight, moderate reps workout.

Ok, off to have a salad. I only have a couple of months before bathing suit season (there is a pool at the hotel where we're staying for Bayshore--I don't want my fellow marathon buddies to wonder how in the hell THIS body runs marathons!). ;)


  1. Such a cute suit! I love it, and it looks like it would be great for harnessing the girls. I had NO idea you'd had a breast reduction. You are so petite though, I can't imagine how hard that would be to carry ginormous boobs!

  2. Ha, my boobies have had such a wild life. I was about a 34D when I graduated HS...put on weight in my 20s and was a 38D when I got pregnant. Then I found out that all those pregnancy books and magazines lie...they say the average woman's boobs increase in size by a cup size or two during pregnancy...mine went up 5-6. Insane.

    I was a 40I by the time my milk came in and for the year I was lactating. After weaning I went down to a 38DDD. Lost 40#s and was a 34DDD. First thing I did after having my tubal and thermal ablation was to get a referral to a plastic surgeon from my PCP. Now I'm back to my HS graduation 34D. I'd love to be a B or C, but I have very wide based boobs, so to go smaller would have given me what they call "pancake boobs."

    My girls are still a pain in the butt, but not nearly as big a burden as they were with an additional 2 cup sizes. My biggest problem is when I lose weight I tend to only lose proportionately through the cups--so I only have to lose about 10#s to find myself in a 32D. That is a bitch of a size to find. Manufacturers don't seem to get that it's no more likely for a woman to be a 38D than it is for a woman to be a 34D, since cup sizes are all proportionate.

    At least I have the big booty and thighs to help balance things, ha!

  3. Last year, I splurged on a suit from Athleta. They had a shorts bottom and a full tank top for the top. I loved it and wore it all summer. This year, I'll prolly have enough confidence for a short bottom and a regular top. Here's my post from last year about swim suit blues. It's kind of funny. http://fitnessformommies.net/2008/04/24/swimsuit-blues/

  4. Rachel, that Athleta suit you ended up with is really cute! I looked at their suits (I've always heard rave reviews of their stuff, too), but their prices are more than I want to spend. The combo I liked would be $113 (as opposed to $88 for the Nike set)...I looked at their clearance stuff, but couldn't find the right combo of styles and colors in my size. They were sold out of a lot of the tops in my size. Poo.

  5. That is a cute suit! I love that they're selling separates for suits now too - I just bought one at Lands End. It had an adjustable underwire tankini - which I definitely needed. I'm heavier on top than bottom too.

    I've been taking a kickboxing class at the gym that focuses on arms, abs, and full core strength (in addition to legs, of course). I have found it to be perfect X-train for running because it has helped with my hip pain. Sounds like your DVDs will do the same!

    Denise Austin has good workouts, but man. Her smile and 'pep' is just too much for me.