Whole lotta nuthin'

This is what I have accomplished today. It is dreary, windy, and snowing...again. For the love of kittens, why?! Haven't we had enough? I am so thankful that today is not a running day...I'm sure I would be high-tailing it to the treadmills at the gym if it were. Sure, today's weather is better than what we have dealt with for about the past 3 months, but after the tastes of relative warmth we have enjoyed off-and-on for the past few weeks this blustery, Arctic garbage is more than many of us can bear.

Perhaps looking at photos pretty, vibrant flowers can help distract me from all of the brown and gray and dirty white out the window....

Those pretty flowers at right have reminded me of another thing I am fond of -- RunningAHEAD.com's new Garmin integration. I have been remiss in not mentioning this sooner. I was fortunate enough to help the site owner (Eric the Awesome) beta test the uploader. It is fabulous. Previously I had been uploading my Garmin data to MotionBased.com, then transferring the #s to RA manually. I had no way to upload my routes and elevation profiles and splits, however. But now I set my Forerunner 305 on the cradle after each run and with a couple of clicks my run data is automatically entered to my RA running log, including distance, pace, time of run, mile splits, elevation data, routes, and heart-rate info.--should I ever decide to actually wear my HRM strap.

Speaking of other gadgety things. I was pretty bummed to find out this AM that Apple has completely redesigned the iPod Shuffle. The new ones have at least 3BG that I would never need/use, cost $30 more and now have no controls on the iPod itself, which requires that one use the Apple earbuds that come with the iPod, as the controls are on the cord, or something to this effect. I'm guessing these Apple headphones would work no better for me than the crappy ones that came with the 2 iPods I've owned (which were painful and fell out of my ears). I think I had my original 2nd gen. Nano for all of a week before I ordered a pair of the Sennheiser MX-75 earbuds (which are water-resistant and very comfy...customizable fit with silicone rings). The Sennheisers are also designed for good sound quality, but ambient noise still comes through clearly, so I can hear my music and audio books, but still hear cars, pedestrians, cyclists, birds, my own footsteps and breathing, etc.

Seriously, Apple...is making the Shuffle increasingly smaller really worth the loss of functionality? As it is, the current Shuffle is plenty small. I've never heard anyone complain of it being heavy or cumbersome. Heck, I know people who have lost them due to their diminutive dimensions. If hubby had not recently taken a 10% pay cut I'd be buying a second "matchbook" shuffle to stash in a drawer as backup. I'm hoping by the time my current little on-the-run jukebox dies that Apple will have regained some sense and returned to making a truly functional little portable digital audio device.

Another thing making me cranky...I'm still sore from my weight workout THREE days ago. What gives?! I had planned to do the same workout again, but my biceps are still really sore. I think I might do both ab workouts on the video, instead. That would amount to about 20 minutes of challenging core work, which should be plenty to make another part of my body hate me. And I had a godawful 4 miler yesterday...I think residual effects from that same workout. My legs were super stiff and sore, particularly my calves. Lately I feel like the most unfit marathoner on the planet. How does one run 40 mile weeks and still feel like a slug?

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