3 more runs!

Just 3...then it's Taper Time, baby! Whoohoo!!! Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this taper. This training cycle has gone so much better than my training for Milwaukee (first Marathon) last Fall. Not battling chronic knee issues is the primary cause for this. And those knee issues made training for Milwaukee more than just physically stressful...the mental stress of dealing with a bum knee for the first half of training and being undertrained and stressed by the unknown (as a result) really made me feel so on-edge the last time around. This time I am mostly just tired from putting in the training. A bit physical, a bit mental, and ready to let my body recover and rebuild so that I can experience some amazing race day magic on fresh legs. My legs have definitely felt sort of heavy in the last week or two--perfect timing for taper!

This time I am enjoying still feeling relatively strong at the tail-end of training and sleeping well (REALLY well...like the dead--and eating like 10 women). I know that my training would be even better with more speed training, but this time I have wanted to concentrate more on getting the mileage up...next time I will incorporate more speed work--now that I know the mileage doesn't kill me. I must say that I look forward to the day that DS can be left alone for a couple of hours. I'd love to add a 6th day of running to my training schedule for the next 'thon, but it's too hard in the Summer with Dane around and Derek and I both trying to get workouts in and have one of us home to watch the rugrat.

Maybe I can do 6 days of training/week for a Spring marathon NEXT year. And next Summer Dane will be 9.5...so we can probably have him safely on his own for short periods by then (at his age my folks would run errands and have me watch my 2 younger siblings, so I know it's not exactly a huge risk). He's a good kid (doesn't play with matches or the stove, mix bleach and ammonia, or any of those other things kids his age are often known to do) and would probably not even notice us gone between the Wii, LEGO, and his books. :)
So I'm working on getting the gumption to run 10 miles (it's windy...again. I hate wind). Tomorrow DH has some teeth-pulling work to have done and I will be chaufferring the kiddo to and from school and DH home from the oral surgeon--no run. 5 miles on Friday, then my last 20 on Sat. (weather forecast looks AMAZING). After my 20 I expect I will sit in my tub of ice cold water with a protein shake...then shower and enjoy my first beer of taper. :D

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