50 miles in 5 days!

That's a mileage record of sorts for me. The most I've done previously in a span is 56 in 7 days...that was about a week-and-a-half ago. I capped off my 50 mile week with a 20 miler today. It went pretty well...still battling some respiratory gunk, so my lungs weren't completely on-board, but I told 'em to HTFU.

I'm also not "in love" with my new shoes...but I haven't been in love with any shoe since the NB 902 and these are the 904. The 903 really wasn't great for me, either (NB didn't change the sole for the 903, but cut the upper WAY baggy and they were a weird fit even after downsizing a half size)...hence I only had 1 pair of those and 5 of the 902.

The biggest issue with these 904s is that they are a hair stiffer than the 902/903--which makes my peroneal tendon running along the underside of my right foot cranky. I think running 50 miles in 5 days also is likely a factor, so I'm not blaming it entirely on the shoes...yet. It also took me a few runs to get the lacing right. I definitely need to use ALL of the eyelets and use the lace-lock technique (God bless NB and their super long laces). My shoes were a little loose through the rearfoot during my first 3 runs in the shoe (the previous 3 days), so that put extra stress on my arch and toe tendons while the shoe was too loosely tied.

I also developed a mild hot spot on the side of the ball of my big left toe, but it never actually blistered. This is not of great concern, as I had a similar issue with my first pair of beloved 902s when they were relatively new, then it never returned with subsequent pairs. I think the unique shape of any new shoe model coupled with the unique shape of my foot can equal weird fit issues before the shoe is fully broken-in and/or my foot has toughened-up over trouble areas or weird seams.

If the arch continues to be an issue I can probably find a pair of 903s, but I'd prefer not to. They are not significantly cheaper, even as a discontinued model, and I don't recall ever running anything much more than 14 miles in them, so they have not had the 20 miler test.

Off to find a beer.


  1. You are seriously such an inspiration. I cannot even fathom running that many miles in so few days. Holy moly.

  2. What a great idea! I really am desperate for some sort of way to get myself motivated! Good luck!

  3. Ha, GoT...it wasn't really planned that I do 50/5. Sunday we spent in the car and on Monday I was so exhausted from 3 nights on my MIL's miserable guest bed and then not sleeping enough the night we got back that I ended up bailing on my workout.

    By about Weds. I decided to try making up that missed 5 miler, which meant 5 days with no rest...but it didn't kill me, which really gives me a lot of confidence going into my last couple weeks of training before taper.

  4. Just a thought. You commented on the arches of your new shoes. Are they too low? if so cut some of a shoe insert in the shape of an arch and stick it in your shoe. Last time I got shoes, that was one of the problems. The saleslady did that and made a world of difference.

    Way to go on the mileage!

  5. I know low arches can cause that issue, but in my case it's a stiff shoe thing. I wear Superfeet Berry insoles in all of my shoes, so the arches all fit pretty much the same from shoe to shoe.

    In the older 90X-series shoes I didn't have arch issues, but as soon as I wear a stiffer shoe I run into problems (which disappear as soon as I go back to the lighter-weight shoes). I'm hoping it's maybe result of too many miles in a short period and next week's lighter running load will have things feeling better. At least I wasn't having the snapping/stabbing sensation that I'd get wearing my 769s.