April Showers

Heh...that will be me (the turtle, not the kitten) in about 4.5 weeks. :p
What a dreary start to the week. Yesterday I ran an easy 5 in the cold rain. The first few miles were pretty stiff and I considered cutting back to 4, but then I loosened-up and by the time I was done could have gone a few more. I did have to take a desperate potty break in the woods at 3 miles, though.

Why is it, though...I can run on relatively desolate roads, but as soon as I need to pee badly there are a constant stream of cars when I am in the sections with trees and shrubs to duck behind? Yesterday there were THREE friggin' school busses...criminy! When the road would be free of cars there were too many houses in sight of any tree shelters. By the time I was able to empty my bladder I was starting to envision the real possibility of running a couple of miles after peeing myself. Ha! Guess I didn't allow enough time between coffee and run. ;)
Today I plan to run 6...but am kind of watching for the rain to let-up a bit. It's not raining much at the moment, but an hour+ and I will still get pretty wet. And it's cold. I love running in the rain when it's in the 50s or warmer, but in the 30s...ick.

Hope this rain lets up tomorrow, but the forecast is not looking good. I will be chaperoning a field trip to the Meijer Gardens -- one of my favorite places in the whole world. Right now they have their "Butterflies Are Blooming" exhibit in the main conservatory. So cool. We've gone to this nearly every year since before Dane was born and now it's one of his favorite destinations. A couple of years ago we even had family passes for a year, but when gas prices reached $4 we could no longer justify the cost of driving an hour each way.

If the weather is bad it will still be a nice trip, but exploring the outdoor portions of the gardens and sculpture park will likely not be possible, unfortunately.

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