Happy, Sleepy, Dopey Girl

Yeah...like 3 of the 7 dwarves rolled into one.

The sleepy bit...3 nights on the rock-hard slab of a guest bed at my MIL's place in IL (I swear, we really need to bring our memory foam topper when we visit...or buy one to leave there. Our bed is also firm, but that topper makes it like a whole new, luxuriously comfy nest). These 3 nights were followed by Easter morning with DS in the ER (he's just fine...long story, but he's no worse for wear), so we left about 5 hours later than planned and didn't arrive home from our road trip until 11pm. Plus the whole ordeal had me so tense, so I didn't sleep well Sunday night, either.

Last night I finally got a halfway decent night's sleep (though I did have to hit the inhaler a couple of times...'tis the season for Spring allergies and asthma), but ended up skipping Monday's planned 5 miler, since it was beyond my body's ability to endure that on top of severe exhaustion. Yesterday I had a decent, but really slow and mediocre 10 miler. After my run I showered, picked up the kid from school, ran some errands, and returned home to find my appropriately sized NB 904s waiting at the door for me.

My patience has been rewarded...I think I'm in love (this is the Happy/Dopey part). I was truly terrified that they wouldn't work...and it seems to be the only shoe on the planet that works for me and fits right (and there are no more to be found of older versions in my size...anywhere. I have looked). I have a super hard foot to fit and I'd heard a lot of complaints that the 904 was majorly on the narrow side. It is definitely snugger than the 903, which is a good thing...that shoe was actually too roomy with the upper cut too loosely. I could have gone down a width, but that would have meant my foot would spill over the sole. NB got the 904 right--it fits so much like my beloved 902s, just a hair longer, which is no biggie.

Took my new babies out for a 5 mile spin this afternoon...it was wonderful. They are so cushy and flexible...I still wish they weren't white, though. I felt like such a noob. But I got over it. It was easily 65º with full sun and a light breeze...gorgeous. I wanted to go more than 5 miles, but thought it wise to save my miles for tomorrow, when I think I will knock out 10 miles. Looks like the credit I have at Road Runner Sports will go towards a pair of the new trail version, too. I love that I will be able to wear this shoe for pretty much all of my runs in the coming months, including the trail relay I am participating in in mid-June.

After skipping Monday's run I figured I'd not be able to get my planned 50 in this week, but today's run felt so great that I think I may run 10 tomorrow, 5 on Friday, 20 on Sat. (which means that come Sunday I will be pretty much good fer nuthin'...that's 50 miles in 5 days for anyone more mathematically challenged than I). Weather is really too beautiful to stay indoors, even though I haven't done any ab or arm work in over a week. I just can't make myself work out indoors when it's like this. I think next week will be rainy, so I won't have such a difficult time staying indoors then.


  1. yay for new shoes!

    omg, what a bummer to have to spend easter in the er! i'm glad that dane is fine. yikes.

  2. I am so happy that you found some good shoes!! Like Goldilocks, "jusssttt right!". I hope I have that kind of luck with my new shoes that should be here tomorrow...my poor feet need something that feels good!