It's alive!

Our washing machine... A couple of nights ago we conclusively determined that random build-up of crap had plugged a port that connects to a tube that connects to a pressure sensor. With the port blocked the washer was never receiving the "full tank" message, thus continuing to fill. Hubby was able to clear it a bit, then we filled the machine with hot water, bleach, and dishwasher detergent. We let it run a bit, then stopped it to soak for about an hour. Then we finished out the cycle and everything has worked perfectly ever since. Wonder if we can coax another 12 years out of the machine...? ;)
Yesterday I did my upper body workout and tonite (after hubby got home, since the rugrat is on Spring Break) I ran 6 miles...but I felt REALLY drained all day. Lately I seem to have fallen into a very odd sort of cycle. I am drowsy all day, then about 10pm I get a second wind and am WIRED. Last night...er, this AM I didn't fall asleep until about 2. Ick. So I will be finishing this post and then getting my butt into bed.

Tomorrow DS will be going to a friend's house for a few hours to play while I get a 12 miler in. This friend is a couple of years younger than him, but they were "classmates" when Dane was at the Montessori early childhood school in our community. His friend's mom is a running buddy of mine and is running the trail relay on my team this Summer (as is her DH). She works full-time, but has a really nice babysitter who was happy to have Dane come over--he will likely make her job easier for a couple of hours as he plays with his pal.

The day after tomorrow we will be driving down to my MIL's place in IL (about 7-8 hours away) for a few days to spend Easter there and also see a couple of DH's HS buddies while they are in town. I also hope to see an online running friend of mine who happens to live in the area. She is running a HM out-of-town on Sat., so we won't likely get a run in, but I'd like to treat her to a beer, perhaps after she returns home from the race.

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