It's Spring, fer cryin' out loud!

So why do we still have snow in the forecast?! Grrr... I am looking forward to the 2-3 runs I will be doing in central IL next week, as they have WARM temps in the forecast and NO SNOW predicted!

At least the predicted weather for tomorrow looks pretty decent. I have an 18 miler on the schedule, to finish out my highest mileage week yet--48 miles. Next week will be a lighter week, with only 34 in the plan. That will feel positively lazy, by comparison. Then the following week will be my first 50 mile week, then 34, then 50, then 34, then 27, then 35.2...culminating in marathon #2. Whew.

Tonite I am planning to meet a local running buddy at the nearby fitness center to run on the treadmills. Today is the first day of Spring Break for the kiddo and it's really windy and cold, so 5 miles on the treadmill sound preferable.

Last night I got official word that Team HTFU! earned a spot on the docket for the 2009 North Country Trail Relay...woot! DH's uncle-in-law is the race director and pretty much assured me that we'd get a spot, as we were the 2nd new team in line on the waiting list. There are 6 of us on the team...4 women, 2 guys. The entire distance is nearly 80 miles and we are each responsible for a minimum of 10 miles worth of legs of the sometimes brutal course.

I'll be interested to see how well (or not) my legs have recovered from the Bayshore Marathon, as the trail relay is only 3 weeks later. I took a LONG time to recover from Milwaukee, but I also was less well trained for that race due to training through injury and cutting back on my mileage. Perhaps the severe leg cramp issues also caused more muscle damage to heal from, as well.

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