Oh, my achin' back!

I miss my bed. Our mattress is nothing special...a bit too firm, but we have a 2" memory foam topper that makes it feel heavenly. If I don't sleep well at home it's never for lack of a comfortable bed.

But we are currently at my MIL's place for the Easter Holiday weekend and the last 2 nights have been downright painful. The mattress on her guest bed is rather slab-like. Were I a back or front sleeper I'd probably be fine, but I'm a side sleeper and I'm waking multiple times/night with sore shoulders, hips, and the middle of my back. At the very least I should have brought my body pillow to help keep my spine from twisting and to better help support and distribute my body weight while I sleep on my side.

Right now my planned 7 miler doesn't sound all that appealing, but an hour of yoga sure does. At least it's looking to be a gorgeous day.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles after the rain had passed and it really was nice, aside from some stiff winds. This part of Illinois is quite hilly, which is a good change of pace from the flatlands of MI that I am used to running. I'd love to live in an area with some real hills for training. I usually have to drive a ways if I want hills to train on...and I'm just not all that motivated to bother most days.

I'm also tired from our night at a little local bar with a couple of DH's HS classmates. It was nice to catch up with these guys beyond Facebook. But it meant getting in around 11:30 local time, falling asleep around midnight, then being woken before 7 by the noisy rugrat...which would have been no biggie after solid sleep in our own bed. I'm sure tomorrow AM will have him waking especially early, too, as there will be hidden candy-filled plastic eggs and an Easter basket to uncover...

Tonite I hope to meet up with a local running friend for an early supper. I don't imagine she will be up for a late night, since she is running a half marathon as I write this. I'm guessing she'll be ready for beddy-bye by 8pm...at least that's how I usually feel the night of big races. I'm looking forward to seeing her again, though. We first had the opportunity to meet in-person and share a run when we were staying with my MIL last Summer. I love that I can travel just about anywhere and find friends from RunningAHEAD.com to visit and/or run with. :)

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  1. I haaate sleeping in beds other than my own. I am a pathetic creature of habit. And enjoy dinner! :) If you want to come down south to Kansas I would gladly entertain you!