That REALLY chaps my hide!

So I have run "commando" for the better part of a year. I gave up trying to find a panty that didn't leave welts on my lower rear area (where the butt meets thigh). Even the most seamless ones would chafe bad. So I started going without (while running. The thought of going sans-undies any other time makes me shudder). This has mostly worked perfectly. Until today.

I have a pair of Mizuno half-length tights that I really love. They have a nice little stretchy pocket on the back that seems like it was designed for my tiny cell phone. The tights also don't have an inner-thigh seam that is perfectly centered, so no seams to be "dissolved" by chub-rub friction (I have no less than 3 pair of tights/tight shorts with trashed inner thigh seams due to my beastly legs).

What these tights DO have is a seam that runs straight up the back. Which doesn't seem a problem during short runs...but it seems that much beyond the 8 mile mark and things start to rub. Add another 10 miles and things get pretty raw. The perfect tight would have seams along the outsides of the thighs, then the inner thigh seam off-set just enough to avoid the maximum friction area at center inner thigh. Apparently no one actually makes a tight like this. Poo.

So I am REALLY hoping that Spring actually decides to truly arrive in 2 weeks, which is when my first 20 miler is scheduled. I would kill to wear one of my RunningSkirts.com skirts. I have worn them for everything up to a marathon without a single mark or hot spot. I roll a bit of SportShield on the chubby thigh bits and off I go. The built-in briefs under my skirts are so perfectly designed for running. Reverse seams and wonderful wicking stretch fabrics make up the "bum huggers."

On today's bright side...wore a pair of my beloved 902s for my 18 miler--with a new pair of Superfeet insoles. Felt better than my previous 18 miler in my baby-toe-blister-inducing 769s. No blisters...but I didn't expect any. That's the same model shoe I wore for my marathon last Oct. without any issue.

The run went relatively well. But I definitely am ready for a scale-back week (a whopping 34 miles is on the agenda next week) this coming week...the legs were lacking any fire. I'm now at the point in training where every other week is quite "easy"--at least compared to these 48+ mile weeks. Today's run capped-off my highest mileage week ever. Even while training for marathon #1 I never went beyond 43.5 miles, IIRC. Mostly due to scaling back to take care of knee issues that cropped-up 2 weeks before training started. This time the knee has been fairly well-behaved. Phew!

This easy week falls perfectly in-line with DS's Spring break, too. And a road trip down to my MIL's and to spend time visiting with a couple of DH's HS classmates in town. It will be nice to not have to stress about racking up major miles on semi-unfamiliar streets.

Another non-running thing to add to my list of things that chap my hide...our washing machine is on the fritz...again. Last night we were watching a movie and I remember thinking that the water spilling into the washing machine sounded extra loud. But this house has weird acoustics, so I ignored it.

After the movie ended I walked into the kitchen (washer/dryer are in a closet within the kitchen)...and a puddle. Awww...crap (luckily it somehow managed to stop and go into spin on its own...which we had to manually coax it into doing this AM--no agitation action, though, so no ability to actually wash stuff). We're not sure if the problem is a sensor or a stuck valve, but hubby is going to attempt to diagnose it tonite. We have had good luck doing this sort of thing in the past and ordering parts online. Sure beats tossing out an otherwise functional appliance and buying new. Our washer is 12, so it wouldn't be a tragedy if we had to replace it, but it's not really in the budget at the moment, either.

Tonite I "relaxed" at the laundromat with the wet and unclean laundry that I attempted to wash this morning. And was able to fill a jumbo machine with that and added running and cycling garb from the day. Now I am further relaxing with a beer.


  1. You go girl.

    Never wear panties on a run or a ride. For the long runs, I used to love atalanta athleticwear skirts cause the shorts were longer. Good luck running in all that weather.

  2. Hey, quick question: would you say that RunningSkirts skirts run small, large, true? I'm sort of in the gap between sizes, and I'm inclined to go with the smaller due to length, but...

  3. Carrie, I'd say that the skirts run true...perhaps just a hair generous. I normally wear a 6 and the size "2" RunningSkirts.com skirt is sized to fit 4-6. Fits me perfectly.