Bayshore 2 days later = BaySORE

Man, new things hurt today. Like my shoulders...I couldn't figure out why my shoulders are were sore 2 days after the race, when they weren't sore yesterday. Then DH pointed out that I have been using my arms to get myself on and off chairs and the toilet, since my quads are on strike.
In addition to the quads and shoulder soreness I also have some angry, stiff calves. Tomorrow I hope to do 2-3 REALLY easy walk/run miles to help me recover and loosen-up.

I found the splits for each half after I posted my race report. 1st half my pace was 10:17 (I had planned to run no faster than 10:30 for the first 10-13 miles). 2nd half it was 11:40. Ow. What I should have done was stuck to 10:30-10:45 for the entire race. This is likely what I will do for #3 in Grand Rapids in Oct. I may even set my Garmin to yell at me if I go faster than this pace, at least until the last few miles...though I don't foresee negative splitting at any time in the near future.

Today I decided to bail on a Memorial Day gathering an hour away...the thought of sitting in the car for an hour each way sounds unpleasant. Especially since I would be driving (hubby had an organized bike ride this AM and early PM). My legs don't think working a clutch sounds like a fun time.

Instead I have been going through race day photos. Some are fairly flattering--like this one taken by my 8 year old son (the same kid who was desperate to pee in the above photo), but others are downright horrendous and really illustrate the fact that I am still carrying 15-20#s more than I should be (I could lose 25-30 and still not be underweight). Weight that is slowing me down and making for race photos that cause me a good deal of embarrassment. Seriously, how does someone log a few 50 mile weeks and GAIN weight (and it's not muscle, folks...my fat pants are snug).

It's really time to invest in a full-length mirror. Most of the time I can only see the bottoms of my legs in a wall mirror we have leaning against the wall on the floor of our bedroom or from the shoulders-up in the bathroom mirror. I am not often able to see my arms, butt, and thighs until I am in a fitting room, and then it's too easy to blame horrid lighting for my figure issues. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt...

It's also time to stop using the excuse "I'm training for a marathon" when I overdo it on the food. The eating is causing me to lug more weight around as much as it's giving me fuel. I really felt the impact of just a few pounds after the above photo was taken (during a bottle hand-off around 15 miles or so in). The bottle only weighed about 20oz., but I was astounded by how heavy it felt compared to the empty one I exchanged it for. It was painful swapping that one into my hydration belt. A bottle weighing less than a tenth of what I would like to lose made me feel noticeably weighed-down. It caused me pause more than just about anything else...

I've read that a person can gain 3 seconds of speed for every pound they lose (assuming they don't change anything else in their training or go below their healthy weight range). I could potentially drop a full minute off of my pace. But it would certainly work out to be an even bigger advantage than that--if I could simply run faster in day-to-day training I could run more miles in the same amount of time...more miles = more speed, too. Perhaps I could run 55-60 miles/week in the same amount of training time. That, too, would increase my pace (and be easier on the joints). I gotta do this.


  1. I'm right there with you! I gained 5 pounds during my half training and that was really not necessary! So now I have a total of 20 to lose, and 25 would be better...ugh. Now I am training for a half in September and my plan is to step up the cross training and pay more attention to calories in. I got the Runners World book 'The Runner's Diet' and it has some good tips. The extra pounds are really slowing me down and keeping me from a more 'average' pace. So I definitely feel your pain! Nice job on your second marathon though!

  2. heh..."organized bike ride..." heh heh heh

    Congrats on the race, Kirsten. Did gave me a quick rundown this morning and was glowing with pride as he talked about you. GREAT JOB!!

  3. It's tough, isn't it, Cyndi. I always did so much better losing weight while weight-training, but I get bored with that too quickly. After a couple of months it just becomes too routine. I want to be outside--especially in the Summer.

    Nicole, organized bike ride must be like organized group run. It never ends up all that "organized" in the end.

    did is already trying to figure out how to take his bike up to TC next year to roll around the course while I run. Man, it is GORGEOUS up there. It was tempting to veer off course into the lake. Good thing the water is way too cold for swimming.