The countdown is on...

When will THIS hit?

Finished my last long run before taper today. Phew. Glad that's out of the way. Now I can concentrate on "enjoying" a more laid-back last 3 weeks with no runs longer than 13 miles. I'm sure in about 10 days I will be going nuts for a longer run and my legs will feel on fire, but for now a week of easier work sounds pretty nice.

Today's 20 miler was nice. I comfortably hit marathon pace for a few miles here and there. But the last 3 had me feeling pretty worn-out and my feet were pretty sore. Today's 20 was at 35 seconds/mile faster than my 20 2 weeks ago. That was a pretty nice self-confidence boost. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I started taking Zyrtec within that time. My allergies are much better controlled, as is my asthma. I was also really tired for that last run, as we had just returned from our super stressful Easter trip to my MIL's that included about a week of not sleeping well.

After my run I had my "ice" bath (our tap water from our well is so cold that I don't need ice) while sipping a protein shake (skim milk, half scoop vanilla whey powder, 1 pouch strawberry no-sugar-added Carnation Instant Breakfast). Then I had some leftover spaghetti and meat sauce from last night and now I am nomming on a pancake that hubby made. The Smithwick's beer in the fridge is callin' my name, as is my bed.


  1. Yup yup. I'm 2 weeks away from Cleveland and I'M GOING NUTS.

    I still have 8 miles to look forward to this evening. I will have to take it slow because I am going to be running with someone who's doing 20 miles (I'm joining him midway through).

    I ran two 5K races in three days and felt great, but I really need to come to my senses and quit with the racing. The race that matters is 2 weeks away.

    I'm going up to Traverse City to support a bunch of folks I know at Bayshore. I'll add your name to my big sign, too!

  2. Yay, I hope I'm not too "in the zone" to see you sign!

    I saw your posts about the 5ks and was cracking up. I would KILL to run a 5k, but there are none around here for a while. Gah, I really want to see what I can do after all of this training!

    Hey, I got 4 Bondi Bands...I keep hearing great things about them, including your reviews. I actually got 5, but sent one to a friend who treated me to dinner a few weeks ago.

    I wanted to ask you, have you noticed a major difference in wicking capabilities of the regular lycra ones vs. the actual wicking ones? I want to wear a funky-patterened on on marathon day, but will probably stick to the black one that says "will run for BEER!" on it.


  3. I have noticed a difference. The "performance" ones really do wick the sweat away and hold it. The lycra ones tend to channel the moisture down and around to the back of my neck where it pools and then drips down onto my shirt. So they both do the job of not only keeping my hair under control but the sweat off my face, just in different ways. I have the "Will Run for Beer" band, too. :)

    I find I need to remove and squeeze out the wicking bands occasionally to relieve them of some moisture. Now THAT'S sexy!