Good News & Less Good News

Good News: I had my first post-marathon recovery run yesterday. I had been mentally preparing for this workout with a mixture of anticipation and dread. Anticipation...because I was feeling some serious running withdrawals. And dread...because my first run after Milwaukee was miserable. But after Milwaukee I only took 2 full rest days. This time I took 3. Wow, what a difference that made--vive la difference! My legs were stiff, but not too sore. Only my quads really complained a little. I expected to walk/run for a few miles, but I was able to run 3.5 without needing any walk breaks.

I'm sure having been better trained for Bayshore didn't hurt matters any. Even though the race experience was not all that different from my first marathon, that was more the result of my own bullheadedness. I KNEW going out at the pace I did for the first half was a bad idea while I was doing it...well, maybe I didn't know it for the first 10 miles, but after that I was pretty certain I would pay. Next time around I won't make that mistake, even if it means swallowing my pride and letting a lot of people pass me in the early miles. Some of those people who pass me will probably succumb to starting in an overly aggressive manner. I will likely pass them in the last half as others passed me at Bayshore.

Less Good News: Yesterday my hubby informed me that my very favorite race (Old Boys' Brewhouse Oktoberfest Half-Marathon) added a marathon. He was perusing the website to see the course map (I'm guessing he has plans to bike along as I run) and saw the new race distance addition on the site.

I had just said in the past week "man, I wish OBB would add a marathon distance...that would be the perfect race." D'oh! And, of course, I am already registered for the Grand Rapids Marathon a month later.

A small part of me thinks I could handle 2 marathons that close together...actually, it's a not-so-small part--I'd probably do a marathon this coming weekend if there were one close-by (and qualify myself for Marathon Maniac status--I am SO gonna do this someday...'cause I am just that out of my friggin' gourd!). BUT...I haven't managed to fit a half-marathon into my schedule in almost 2 years and I REALLY want to see what I can do with that distance with the consistent, higher mileage training I have done in recent months. I have yet to get under 2 hours in the half, though I know it's a given. My PR is just over 2:04...and that was on far less training than I currently have. And if I can drop 10#s before then it should be that much easier.

On the bright side, I am 99% certain that I will do the OBB Oktoberfest Marathon NEXT year. I had been thinking about returning to Milwaukee or heading to Detroit or Columbus (all $$ options with travel), but a marathon in Spring Lake will be perfect...we live just over a half hour from the race site. And it's a cheap race--the full is cheaper than the GR half. Plus it ends at a brewery...hello!!!


  1. I have that headband, too. It think it says everything important about me and running. :)

    Congrats on the marathon! I'm sure you must have passed by on your way to the finish while I was hanging around the track backstretch with my friend.

  2. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
    Just sign up for the full. We all know you'll be great. You can always find another half.

    *turning up the peer pressure*

  3. Sara, you are too funny!

    As much as part of me really wants to do the marathon and knows that I will probably be well prepared for it...I have a feeling that if I did do it that I'd hold back to save something for the one 4 weeks later...and then still be shot from the previous one that I'd not put my best foot forward for that one, either.

    But if I do the half first I can go all out and it will be a good speed workout without requiring so many weeks of recovery.

    Besides...if I do that full you should come run it with me... *evil grin*

    Yeah, I love that Bondi Band (BTW, I am so glad I tried them after reading all of your happy ravings...they are great. I never had to think about what was on my head and it kept the sweat out of my eyes perfectly).

    And congrats on your race, too--big BQ!!! I am still trying to catch up on all the blogs I didn't have the energy or patience to sit and really read while I was in the throes of taper madness in past weeks.