Is it tomorrow, yet?

I have not run since the marathon...over 3 days ago. I am going kinda nuts. I had semi-planned to run today, but it was raining and nasty and I knew I'd be doing a combo run/walk for recovery, as I am still quite stiff and sore. I rather enjoy running in the rain, but I don't really like walking in the rain...so I will get my first post-race run in tomorrow, instead. I can't wait!
And I think taking a full 3 days of rest after racing may help me recover a bit more comfortably than I did after Milwaukee. I think I tried to do too much, too soon after that race. I only took 2 days off after that one and I remember how awful that first recovery "run" was. Miserable. I think that extra day off is going to make for a noticeably less uncomfortable first recovery run.

I am still smiling as I relive some fun moments from this past weekend. And this photo really reminds me what a fantastic experience it was...not so much the race itself (that was sucky in many ways), but the time spent with friends and having such massive support as I struggled those last yards leading up to the finish line:
Those people standing, clapping, cheering...those are my friends. I could hear their screams of "Go Zoomy!!!" as I limped my way across the final timing pad. A couple of those guys finished HOURS ahead of me and qualified to run Boston, yet they waited in the sun to see me finish. I'm not sure *I* would have waited to see me finish.

We're almost all planning to return to run Bayshore again next year (I think a couple are somewhat on the fence...but they can probably be peer-pressured into registering again, too). I'm not sure I can wait a whole year for such a fantastic experience. I plan to register the day registration opens.

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