T-minus 3 days...tweaking the heck out!

Baaaaahhhh... *hyperventilates*

...so far I had been doing REALLY well during this taper...no injuries, sleeping well, feeling great, not moody, not freaking-out, dancing around the house, giggling at random, enjoying time to do stuff other than run run run, etc. Today it is really hitting me that the race is in less than THREE days!!! Plus this not running crap...yet I am still eating like I'm running 50 miles--and not good stuff. 2 boxes of GS cookies showed-up the other day and I polished off most of them single-handedly in less than 48 hours... Pbbbbb... Gah, I hate cellulite and how it looks in race photos. And I vowed I would weigh less for marathon #2...right now my weight is within a half pound of my weight for marathon #1...WTF?!

*deep breath*

A couple of days ago I was too annoyed and pre-occupied to start tweaking. 3 weeks after the marathon I will be running a trail relay, for which I am also team captain. 4/6 team members are on runningAHEAD.com, so we've been communicating and hashing out details there. I can't seem to drag the other 2 teammates (husband and wife) over there.

So I e-mailed the other 2 team members some of the details we had worked out...a link to the assigned legs (which I'd sent via e-mail a while back, when we were first starting to talk about ways to organize the hand-offs), what color shirt we all planned to wear, tentative transportation plans for the day of, food/beverages to have in the team vehicle, etc.

She replies completely freaked-out...apparently she thought she and her hubby would only be responsible for UP TO 10 miles. It was quite obvious that neither had bothered to actually look at the race website prior to registering early in the year or in the interim (much less pay attention to the webpage I had created divvying up legs, even though I had e-mailed it to them months ago). The course is nearly 80 miles and each runner is required to run a MINIMUM of 10 combined miles per race rules. As it is we have one team member who has been sick for about the past month and suspects gall bladder issues...another team member has had her training continuously monkey-wrenched by illness, sick kids, job, kids' activities, etc.

Freaked-out team member also said that neither she nor her husband have light blue shirts and didn't want to buy them (they are attorneys, so they are in no way destitute)...so we're instead all going to wear white shirts.

Now it's looking like our fast guy and I will be responsible to take the lion's share of the miles, which is potentially going to wreck me only 3 weeks after my marathon. IF I captain a team next year I will definitely put it in writing in ALL CAPS what is expected of all team members...no ifs, ands, or buts. I won't be allowing anyone on the team who does not first read the race website and understand what is expected...no excuses less than a month prior to the race that team members didn't understand what their responsibility would be to their teammates.

Whew...I really need a beer right about now. Those post-race beers are gonna taste especially good after this week!


  1. Just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow. I hope you have a fantastic run! You're going to be great!!!

  2. If I weren't heading down to Nashville a few days later, I'd offer to sub in for you in the relay. Sounds fun!

    Maybe next year.

  3. if you do the relay again next year, i'd happily and without complaints take the place of wimpy adverse to blue shirts runner... :)

    hope you had a great run today!

  4. Andrea, that would be SO fun! You'd be a joy to have on the team, too! Next year I won't even consider putting a team together with anyone who is not uber reliable. I know I can count on you through pretty much anything.