Taper Day: 13 -- Body Count: still 0

I am handling this way better than anticipated...but I still have a week left with the potential to climb to the highest point in town and open fire. Good thing I own no firearms, other than a Super Soaker squirt gun.

Still swine flu-free, too. Hell, my allergies are even completely manageable, thanks Zyrtec! I am afforded the ability to tweak-out over the weather, though. The 10 day forecast is up and thus far the forecast is looking very favorable...though this IS Michigan we're talking about--anything can happen without much notice and extended forecasts are little more than a crapshoot.

May 23

Few Showers
Few Showers



My biggest challenge at this stage in the game is not abusing how utterly fabulous my legs are feeling after 2 weeks of taper. Today's scheduled run was a mere 4 miler...lordy, that felt good. I had to rein it in. Purists can dog on the Garmin Forerunner all they want, but one of the most useful functions of that little device is having a wrist-mounted reality checker/coach to keep me from overdoing it. My perceived effort had me running about 30 seconds/mile faster than I really should be at this point. Gotta save the speed for race day, as much as it's mentally painful to do so.

Even though I have yet to complete marathon #2 I am looking ahead. Last night I pulled the trigger on Marathon #3. I registered for the Grand Rapids Marathon on Oct. 18. After today the price jumps $10, so I definitely wanted to get in before that increase...as it is it's not a cheap race (and for the money I think Milwaukee is nicer, at least in terms of the finish area and last few miles...but the travel and lodging cancel out any registration savings). My buddy who placed 3rd at Milwaukee is coming to MI to run this race, as well as a few other friends from other parts of the country. I am really looking forward to meeting up with more running friends.

Actually, seeing friends is probably what I am most excited about for next weekend's Bayshore festivities. There will be a bunch of us from RunningAHEAD.com up in Traverse City and we have plans to celebrate the evening after the race. I have met at least one of these runners a couple of times in real life, but the rest are friends who I feel like I know, but have yet to meet in-person.

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