Taper: Day 8 -- Body Count: 0

I'm surviving taper fairly well, but I still have almost 2 weeks to go and am already feeling a bit "edgy." Last time I really welcomed taper, since I'd dealt with some right knee issues for the bulk of training and it was a chance to let things heal before race day. THIS time around I have no substantial injury issues and finished the meat of training feeling strong. After a week of reduced mileage I am already thinking things could potentially get sorta ugly.

I did have 2 crappy runs this week...runs that were painful and had me feeling stiff and exhausted for seemingly no apparent reason, but I'm starting to suspect that weather--ie cold fronts--could be to blame.

Ever since puberty (when I developed mild arthritis symptoms in my knees) I have been able to "predict" cold fronts with my knees. Like an old woman I would have stiff, aching knees in the 12-24 hours before a front would come through. I have noticed during this training cycle that I have had more than a few uncomfortable runs in the 24 hours before rain/thunderstorms come through. Then I miraculously have a fabulous run once the front has passed. Hmmm...seems like more than mere coincidence. This past week I had 2 such runs, both less than a day before thunderstorms.

My mild peroneal tendonitis symptoms have flared up at these times, too, only to be mysteriously absent the next day. 2 days ago knees and feet were quite angry during a 13 miler. Yesterday I ran 5 miles at race pace and felt great. Weird.

Today I am doing pretty much nothing. It's Mother's Day (hope all my other mom friends are having great days, too!) and I have accomplished 2 loads of laundry. That's probably about all I will do, which is just fine. I do need to go work on my ab muscles a bit later, but that's just a short 15 minute routine. Yesterday we went and saw Star Trek in the later afternoon, then to Red Lobster for dinner (ugh, I think the worst part of taper is figuring out how much/little I can eat without gaining. I already feel fat and bloated and last night's dinner and PB m&ms consumption did not help matters). That was the bulk of my Mom's Day celebration.

The movie was fantastic...just as good as critics and fans are claiming. LOVED Scotty (am a big Simon Pegg fan, anyhow)...and Captain Kirk is a hottie. I can't wait for sequels.

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