Yep...that is how far above my goal weight I sit. Time to rein it in and get back on track (hence the blog redesign...any little thing to help keep me accountable). I can no longer use the excuse of "calorie deficit eating will make my runs crappy." Right now lugging an extra 20#s is almost certainly affecting my runs more negatively than being moderately hungry does. And it is definitely making for race photos that cause me a great deal of shame (I saw the official photos from Bayshore...there are many of me with stunning backdrops. I will not be ordering any...they are worse than the photos from Milwaukee), not to mention race times and general running paces that would be greatly improved by having to expend less energy to move myself along.

20#s -- that's 2-3 seconds/mile according to several running calculators that tabulate the effect of gaining and losing weight on running performance. 4#s could net me an increase of 6:28 over the course of a marathon according to one calculator...5x that could mean a half hour or more! And it's not just an increase in pace on race day...it's an increase in pace EVERY day. Which means in the same amount of time I can squeeze-in more miles. And more miles means faster race times. Assuming I can get the cramping thing under control, I think a sub-4 marathon time is not at all out of the question.

Right now my BMI is 24.9. 25 is considered overweight. Erm. My goal weight would have me at 21.4, which is well within the healthy range (18.5-24.9). 4 years or so ago I was 1# over my goal weight (for all of a week before I fell off the wagon...and then ate the wagon) and looked fabulous. Toned and still curvy. Had I lost 5#s I would have still been within the healthy range, but would likely have started looking a little bony on me. I think my boobs account for 5#s.

Instead of setting a somewhat insurmountable goal to lose 20 right off the bat, I am setting a mini-goal of 10. I would like to lose this 10 by my half-marathon in September. This is about 16 weeks away. So I only need to lose a measly .62#s/week. I am already dreading the holidays, though. If I can lose my first 10#s that will leave me with that last 10...but Oct.-through-Dec. are BAD months to do more than maintain...and I know that the closer I get to my goal, the more the fight becomes tooth-and-nail for every ounce of fat loss.

At least I'm not alone. There are a LOT of us struggling in the Ladies Locker Room group on RunningAHEAD.com. We are starting a series of challenges. Sort of mini races for 5#s lost. As one girl "wins" we will start a new challenge. These mini goals are so much less daunting and help to keep the progress milestones coming at shorter intervals.


  1. I gained about 10 lbs in the last month before the marathon. When I ran it I was definitely carrying around more weight than I should have. Now that I'm not training actively I'm losing weight...ah well, who knows. I'm STILL like 10 lbs away from my final weight watchers goal. I really, really want to get there.

    I think that all mid-race pictures look ridiculous. With me, it's the loose skin I inherited after losing 60 lbs that bounces up and down in a highly unattractive way. The only time my race pictures look halfway decent is if I'm wearing tights. Thus, my cold-weather race pix are always better. I'm not happy about my "legacy," as I call it, but there's nothing I can do about it.

    Good luck with those stubborn 20 lbs...you can do it!

  2. you can do it sweets! Though i just have to say..."shut it". You look fly and fab as it is. ::heart::

  3. I swear we are cut from the same cloth! ;-) My race pictures were HIDEOUS (at least the photographer ones while I was running were), and that's when I said, I really need to get this final 15 - 20 pounds gone! My BMI is ALSO 24.9. Which is crazy to me because I don't view myself as 'overweight' anymore!

    My goal is to drop 15 before my September half (9/26), but I'd be happy with 10!

    Also, check out this chart from Runner's World that says 20 pounds lost can net a 17:38 time reduction for a marathon!


  4. Yeah, that floppy skin after losing weight sucks. I am so jealous of those people with really elastic skin who can lose large amounts and still look taut. I have had stretch marks since puberty (on my boobs and thighs), then got a TON more with pregnancy...more on the boobs, thighs, belly, arms, and FEET. That is skin that is done. It won't snap-back.

    Wish I could afford some "tucking" surgeries once I get down to goal. I could use some excess skin removal. Most of the tissue removed when I had breast reduction surgery was skin--not breast tissue or fat. Pregnancy had stretched my boobs out so far, then after weight loss and weaning they shrunk way back, but the skin didn't. It was like extreme deflated balloons.