That's my mileage for the year. No wonder I'm tired. But that has to be lucky, right?

Today I didn't plan to run...but it was the 1st ever National Running Day...and it was gorgeous outside, so how could I not? And I'm glad I did. I only went 4 miles, but they were mostly good. The first 2 were kinda rough, but after that I started feeling better and really felt re-energized by the time I finished.

I needed to blow off some steam, too. The whole fiasco with those 2 runners who have pulled-out of our 6 man relay team for the race in 9 days really has caused me a lot of stress over the past day-and-a-half. Luckily, I think we have found at least 2 replacements...possibly including one guy who just ran a 7:07 mile pace in the Bayshore marathon...yeah, almost 4 full minutes/mile faster than me. Wow. I couldn't run that fast for ONE mile!

So I think the relay is a go. And it will probably be more fun than it would have originally been (and faster--perhaps we will finish before sunset, ha!). My "friend" (in quotes, since I'm really not sure I care to remain friends with a person who so casually blew off a team event without so much as trying to help find replacements) can be a bit of a wet blanket. Her hubby is pretty laid-back. Part of me wonders if he would still have wanted to do the race without her, but felt pressured to support her. In the same situation I am certain that my husband would have followed-through on his responsibility to a team, and I wouldn't have let him leave a group of people in the lurch like that--especially not when so much money is involved. The same could be said if he were injured...I wouldn't back out on a commitment to others.

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