And then there were 5 *sigh*

Once again our trail relay team for THIS Saturday is incomplete (our 6th member had a death in the family and won't be returning from the out-of-state funeral until late the night before the race). Were the majority of us superfast and strong it would be no biggie, but at least 2 of the 5 are undertrained and I am still recovering from my recent marathon and dealing with a somewhat sore left ankle after rolling it a couple of times during a trail run a few days ago. Right now 3 of us will have to do ~13-14.5, and our sole speed-demon gets close to 21...he's essentially doing the work of 2 runners by himself.

At this point if even one of us falls ill or injured before or during the race we will be unable to complete it.

So, if anyone reading this could take the spot or knows someone who could...please give me a shout!

The replacement runner would have free race entry, free food during race, free beer after, and most likely FREE LODGING, too, as the guy being replaced would transfer his 2 night hotel reservation to his replacement.

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