Back to it...

So it's probably been a good 6 weeks since I last did ANY ab/core work. I could feel it over the past 3-4 weeks...toward the end of longer runs and races my lower back started feeling sore and weak...then my posture/form would suffer. The sort of thing that is just begging for an injury. Today marked day 2 of my 3rd round of marathon training (woot!), so I'm back to more consistently getting in my strength work. I think I want to start working on my floppy chicken arms, too. Hopefully it won't be too hot for the remainder of the Summer, since working out in an un-air-conditioned house isn't real pleasant and I'm likely to skip these cross-training workouts if it means being miserably overheated--our big, new TV puts out a surprising amount of heat, too (I thought LCDs were supposed to be so much cooler than old CRT tube sets...huh). But without my Cathe DVDs I'm likely to skip reps and sets...um.

Yesterday I ran an easy 4 for recovery after my 15k the prior day. It felt really good. But today I definitely had the doldrums that seem to come 2 days after a hard workout or race. I have really just wanted to curl-up in bed with a cat or two. Probably doesn't help that it's markedly cooler and less humid today, so my body feels just generally relaxed and craving curling-up under a quilt for a cat-nap.

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  1. This post just reminded me I need to work on my abs, LOL. I've been putting it off, and I still have diastasis from the last baby. boo! (off to do some planks now...)