Blame it on the rain...

Did I give you an earworm? Sorry about that.

I'm procrastinating a bit. I have an 11 miler planned for today, but it's raining. That's not the issue. The random thunder is. From the radar it looks like an isolated cell that is moving through, though. So I should be able to get out within the hour.

We finally have our final relay team assembled. We're back to 4 chicks and 2 dudes. The two guys who were interested in the remaining spot said they would take it, but only if there were not someone even more interested in the spot. Turns out the fiancée of our fast guy wanted in, so we are happy to have her. Phew! We're going to have a very good time, I think.

I think hubby and I are planning to stay the night after the race. We will have our own room the night before, but the night of the race we're likely going to cram into the room with my 2 girlfriends. Chances are there will be enough beer involved that it won't feel too crowded. Otherwise we'd be driving 2+ hours home...in the dark...after having been up at like 4am. Yuck. And we'd miss the post-race revelry. Several of my Bayshore and/or RunningAHEAD friends will be there, which I'm really looking forward to.

In other not-so-happy news, the little Montessori day school in our community is shutting down for the Summer. We had planned to have Dane there 3 days/week for daycamp, which would give him time to play with friends and me time to run while hubby is at work. They are victims of the economy. Enrollment is way down, so over the Summer the director will be looking for a smaller building for the school. It's really sad. A couple of years ago they were turning people away for lack of space...now they have a lack of available students.

We will likely be able to enroll Dane in a community daycare program that one of my friends has her kids at. The advantages of this place are that it's cheaper than the Montessori program and there are more kids Dane's age there (the Montessori school was mostly younger kids). But he loves the school where he attended for Kindergarten. And the teachers there keep the kids working on various academic projects and independent study things. So when Fall rolls around he's ready to get back to school and hasn't lost much classroom learning.

And Dane is still looking forward to his 2 weeks of daycamp at Camp Pendalouan, a nearby YMCA camp. He'd go every week if he could. He comes home from those days just filthy...bug spray, sunscreen, dirt, and sweat.

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