Cool, glorious cool!

Wow, what a difference 30º makes! A week ago I was slogging my way through runs in near 90º heat, but today it was a maximum of 60 cool, damp, breezy, overcast degrees...ahhh...running Nirvana! 8 miles felt nearly effortless...had to rein it in a bit, since today was a scheduled easy run. I will do a 6 mile tempo on Saturday before heading over to my MIL's for 4th of July festivities.

Today's run was otherwise quite ordinary. Though I did encounter a skinny, young, fast runner who I have seen a few times in the past couple of weeks while running and driving through the adjacent town. She is one of those runners who LOOKS like a runner (as opposed to me...I look more like a busty couch potato, regardless of what my running log displays. In my dreams I am built like that). Her build and gait remind me a lot of my HS classmate who has run in the last 2 Olympic marathon trials -- smallish, leggy, lean, efficient. *sigh* What I wouldn't give to look and run like that. I could lose 30#s and still not run that well (damned short legs and oversized hooters). My ancestors (Vikings) swung clubs and axes, raped, pillaged, burned villages...didn't need to run fast, since we had superior weapons and trans-water transportation skills.

This gal came up onto the paved rail trail off of a little side path from out of the woods. After that I only saw her back. Maybe a mile-and-a-half later she was returning. As we met I waved and said hi. She was quite obviously going out of her way to avoid making eye-contact or a return of my pleasantries...OK...one of those runners. She looked to be all of 20. I guess it's not cool to acknowledge a fellow runner who is nearly old enough to be one's mother and carrying at least 30#s more, huh? I make up for runners (and cyclists) like that, as I am always happy to exchange waves and hellos to runners (and cyclists) of all ages, including those who are in their 50s and 60s and old enough to be my parents. Different strokes.


  1. How rude!! Even if I am about to die and am gasping for air, I at least wave. Annoying.

    Enjoy the cool weather!

  2. Yeah, she didn't look like she was dying and she was only a couple of feet away from me. I even say thank you to volunteers and fans during races when I am ready to hurl.

    The funny thing is, I have only seen her on that side of the bridge. My guess is she runs fast for few miles (given where I have always seen her running she's likely not doing more than 4-5 miles at any time)...I could probably out-run her if we're talking distance. Heh!