FREE Trail Relay!

ISO 2 runners for 6/13 trail relay in MI (FREE registration, tech shirt, beer) -- husband & wife (2/6 of our team) just backed-out...less than 11 days before the race!

Gah! 2 weeks ago team member was making noises that she wouldn't be up to the challenge (minimum 10 miles/runner) and was having back issues. At the time I told her that if she didn't feel ready, to let me know THEN, so I could find replacements. She said she would be OK.

A few days ago one runner who expressed extreme interest at being a back-up decided to register for a HM taking place the same day. He registered only a few days ago, since he was assured that this woman and her husband were for sure in. TODAY team member tells me she AND her husband are both out. Fuck.

The entire North Country Trail Relay distance is ~78 miles. More than the remaining 4 of us are able to do (well, at least 3 of us).

Race starts at 6AM in Mesick, MI and ends in Baldwin. Any female runners would already have free lodging with my best friend (I can vouch for her...she's not too much of a nutjob...I mean, aside from being my friend, heh) the night before the race. So your only expenses would be your transportation and eating (we're already well-covered for food and beverages during the race, too).

Team is not super fast/competitive, but looking forward to dodging ticks and mosquitos and getting dirty.

Post here or e-mail me (harumph at gmail.com) if you are interested in taking an available spot on the team.

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