I don't feel so good...

(yeah, that should be well, not good...grammar snobs)

Last night I had the nagging sensation of something caught in my throat. A quick inspection with the flashlight confirmed my suspicions--I have oral thrush, again. Gah!

So this AM I was up at 5:30 to get my mom and nephew back to the Badger ferry for their trip across Lake MI back to WI. On my way back through town I stopped by the medi center. I have used that place several times over the years when I have been under the weather on the weekend. Unfortunately they are no longer open on Saturdays. Crap.

I returned home and considered waiting until tomorrow to run to the medi center connected to the hospital 20+ minutes away, but decided that I didn't want to extend this crap any longer than possible. I caught the symptoms before they become too painful, but I expect things to get worse rapidly. Plus I have a dentist appt. on Monday and I'd like to have this cleared before then. My guess is that they wouldn't do my cleaning with raw sores in my mouth and throat (nor would I want them to--ow).

The doc at the medi center confirmed my diagnosis and sent me on my way with a script for 3 150mg Diflucan, each taken 4 days apart. Thankfully I will not be battling this for a month, like I did last time. That was godawful...though I did lose weight. I already have the queasiness that seems to come with this, as well as the sort of raw and numb feeling and bitter taste in my mouth. Gross.

The primary cause of this thing is the Advair inhaled steroid I take for my asthma. I am on the 250/50 dose, which I can hopefully have reduced to the 100/50 version (the first # is the dose of the steroid, the second # is the bronchodilator). The Zyrtec antihistamine I take for my allergies works so well that my asthma has seemed to be less of an issue. Cutting the dose of the steroid should hopefully decrease my propensity for thrush in the future.

I also plan to do a trial of discontinuing the nasal steroid (Flonase) I use for my sinus allergies. That stuff also drains down my throat and encourages yeast overgrowth. It's the same steroid in my inhaler and it doesn't seem to do as much for my allergies as the Zyrtec does. Would be nice not to have so many prescriptions to keep track of, too. "Better living through chemistry" can be a real pain in the rear.

So here I sit as it's going on 2pm and the hottest part of the day. And I need to run at least 13 miles. I had wanted to do that as soon as I got home from dropping my mom and nephew off to the ferry, but life always seems to want to get in the way of running. So now I'm waiting for the shadows to get a bit longer so that my 2.5 hours of running are not so much in the sun. I can handle running in heat better when I'm in the shade.

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