I resemble that!

Pokey bebeh turtle AND snail...awww.... I almost stepped on the tiniest turtle ever on the bike path this AM. Little guy sucked his head and legs back into his shell just as I adjusted my path to avoid squishing him under my left foot.

Today I got in a pretty steamy 8 miler. By 10am it was already pushing 80, but the heat was not the worst part, it was the sticky humidity. Felt a bit like breathing Jell-O. I don't know how people down South run in weather hotter than this...probably like they can't comprehend running in sub-zero temps and 6"+ of snow on the roads.

I handled it alright, thanks largely to a light breeze (had it been still that would not have been the case) and full shade for much of the route I chose. My pace was about normal. I seem to acclimate to heat better the older I get. Conversely, I also don't do as well in cold as I did when I was younger. Perhaps this is why older folks like to retire to warmer climates. I know my mom does better in heat and worse in cold than she did when she was younger, too.

I still sweat like a friggin' horse when I run, though. When I arrived home it looked like I had wet myself...though only if my urethra ended at the small of my back. My wicking Bondi Band was so saturated that sweat was starting to run into my eyes. I may have to switch back to hats or Headsweats for really hot runs in the future.

My right knee felt pretty pissy early and late in my run and for a brief time after I finished, but is mostly fine a few hours later. I'm chalking it up to residual symptoms from my miserable 13 miler 2 days ago in shoes that just don't agree with me.

Saturday is my favorite 15k race. I still have not officially registered...the forecast is kinda iffy. One of those "intermittent thunderstorms" deals. I may wait and register the night before at packet pick-up, when I have a better idea of the likelihood of cancellation due to lightning. Race cancellations are non-refundable, so I'm not eager to waste fees without the pleasure of actually racing.

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