Is it fate?

I have been pretty disenchanted with every danged shoe I have tried since my beloved NB 902s were discontinued over a year ago. My very last pair only has about 20 miles of life left in them, so they are no longer used for anything more than 4-5 milers.

I wore their replacement (903) for the Bayshore Marathon back in May, but do not love this shoe. The fit is not bad, per se, but it's...weird. It's kind of tall in the toebox and feels floppy, even though it is neither too long or too wide. But I know a shoe is not perfect when it is noticeable on my foot. 26.2 miles of noticing one's footwear is a long time to be mildly annoyed. My feet didn't cramp during the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in my 902s (even when everything else was), but they did in my 903s. I always feel a little like my feet are working to stabilize the shoe on my foot...like my toes are curling. I know others found this shoe to not fit as well as its predecessor, too.

And the replacement of the 903, the 904 (yeah, needless to say...NB cannot leave well enough alone, it seems) is just plan a bad bad bad shoe for me. Poor fit and feet screaming by 9 miles into a long run. Not good. Can't even think about that shoe for a half marathon, much less the full.

My Mizuno Elixirs are an OK shoe, but a bit firmer than I like, a hair too narrow (I get blisters between my toes on longer runs, even with BlisterShield powder in my socks), and the damned forefoot dots that make up the outersole are nearly worn away to the white midsole in a couple of spots--cripes, the shoes only have 80 miles on them. Even if I loved the shoe I'm not sure I could justify dropping $90 on them every 150 miles (when I am guessing the dots will be gone enough to hamper wet traction). I would be buying a new pair every month at that rate (just ran that mileage this past month, and this was not a high mileage month for me).

So I pre-ordered a pair of the upcoming Nike Lunarglide+ based upon descriptions that have it sounding like exactly the shoe I need (of course, the ultimate factors will be fit and function, but it sounds like it might actually work well for duck feet from what people who have tried them on are saying, heh). The shoe is not due to ship from US stores until early Aug., but the men's version is already shipping directly from Nike.

The color Nike was showing for women (when it becomes available) had been the white + orange midsole. Kinda cool...for a white shoe. This is the color I had pre-ordered from Road Runner Sports, but if they become available from Nike before that I may order a pair sooner, then decide whether or not to cancel the RRS order.

Anyhow...tonite I was checking Nike.com to see if the shoe is yet available for women and I saw this...

The resemblance between that shoe and my pretty 902s is striking, wouldn't you agree? Like they could be bright blue siblings. Oh, I really hope this is the case. Perhaps I am just destined to always be happy in blue shoes.

I'll probably order the white/orange as my trial pair, then if I like them go for the blue. My first marathon was run in blue shoes...perhaps that should be my signature race shoe color. Some people have lucky socks or a specific shirt they always wear for races. Maybe I should just stick to a lucky shoe color. It makes it easier for my fans to find me on the course, too. How many (slow) people wear bright blue shoes?


  1. I was bummed to find that my NB 1224's have been discontinued. The 1225's just dont feel right. I am having my son who works for Sport Chalet, find every pair of NB 1224 in my size 10-2E and get them transferred to his store. Looks like I will buy 3-4 pair now. I hate when they mess with something good.

  2. I think the new 1225s have that same cursed PL-1 "performance" last that NB has put in most of their popular shoes. I HATE it...so freaking narrow! But maybe it's a blessing in disguise. I think I may love these new Lunarglides more than my 902s...that says a lot. They are just a hair narrow, but my socks are not super-thin. I may try something new in terms of sock if I decide that I want a tad more wiggle room. I know they will stretch a bit as I break them in, too. After a 5 and 6 miler I am pretty enamored.