Phew...part II

Overnight we found a replacement 6th runner for our relay team... *deep sigh of relief* That was hairy.

New guy is a 62 year old fast guy. So now we have 2 fast guys, 1 moderately fast gal, and us 3 pokey gals (I'll be faster if my legs miraculously are fully healed from my marathon effort less than 3 weeks ago).

Yep, legs still feel a little like they have lead in them, as do the lungs. I think all of the crap coming out of the trees is to blame for that. It already looks like that is coming to an end, thankfully.

Today I did a bunch of shopping for grub to have in the vehicle during the race (which I'm guessing will take 12-14 hours). I picked-up crackers, cheese, granola bars, dried fruit, and some pop. I will also be getting some fabulous beef jerky from a local smokehouse tomorrow. Other runners are bringing water, sports drink, Rice Krispy treats, and fruit. So fairly balanced, salty, carby, proteiny fare. I also grabbed more sunscreen, more bug repellant (found some OFF that is sweat-resistant), and baby wipes for removing any loose dirt and sand and mini clean-ups between relay legs.

Speaking of, this will likely be our schedule for the race:

We start at 6am and will be at packet pick-up probably just after 5. Oh, man...that is going to be one LONG day. Thank goodness we will be finishing the day with some freshly tapped Bell's Oberon--my favorite summer drink (with or without orange slice...I'm not picky).

We are staying both the night before and night of the race, too. First night will be DH and I in a room, then to save costs we're going to share a room with my best friend and my other local teammate...we figure we'll probably be too intoxicated to sleep well, anyhow, might as well be stupid in one room and not annoy more of the other hotel guests than is necessary.

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