That's what it still feels like in my world. I "woke" at 2:30am (after not really sleeping soundly for a couple of hours) miserable...hot, sweaty, short of breath, and queasy. It was 80º in the house according to our wall thermostat and our weather station. To make matters worse, the humidity was 90%.

We have a window A/C unit for our bedroom, but hubby talked me into leaving it in the garage for another night. He swore up-and-down that he'd seen a forecast that predicted a cooling storm to come through around midnight. Weather.com did not predict this. They are showing a brief storm passing through this afternoon, but what is behind it is not greatly cooler or less humid. Weather.com was right.

I took a couple of hits off my inhaler and was still feeling a bit like I was suffocating (which is not particularly conducive to relaxing so sleep can come). So I popped an Ambien to at least knock me out so that I could sleep. It worked. I was out until 10:30.

Today I feel like I've been run-over. I'm really glad that I have no runs on the agenda. I should get a short core workout in, but I'm having a tough time just moving. The inhaler isn't helping much. And I'm dealing with the lovely gastric issues that always seem to accompany heatwaves. Once the thermometer gets much above 80 I start to wilt. My predominantly Nordic heritage is not evolved for heat tolerance. Though I am not particularly fond of extreme cold, either. I'd probably do best someplace like Seattle or Nova Scotia--where extremes in temperature are mostly non-existent.

Plus super dry (Winter) or super humid (Summer) weather are pretty contraindicated for ideal asthma control. Yet we live in a place where we get several months of the year of one or the other. Yucko. Next house will at least have central air (and more than one closet, and space for a decent home workout area and treadmill...). Our large humidifier does a good job in the Winter to keep our indoor air reasonably moist, but keeping our air from being soupy in the Summer is an issue.

I finally registered for the Seaway Run 15k on Saturday. Looks like it will be reasonably decent weather. A little humid, but not too hot and looks like any storms will be later in the day (that was my primary reason for procrastinating on the registration. It's >$30 and non-refundable should the race be cancelled for lightning). Shouldn't be more than 75 or so by the time I finish. I think it was at least 80 last year, with high humidity. My legs feel pretty strong and recovered from the Bayshore Marathon a month ago and the trail relay almost 2 weeks ago, so all that training and recovery could = a pretty sweet PR. Woot!

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  1. Yeah, what's up with this weather? I go out of town for a few days and come back to BLECH. One minute after I stepped into my house on Monday afternoon, I turned on the AC. I have central air and I love it more than...my TiVo, which says a LOT. I can live (barely) without TiVo. I can't live without AC, not in this climate. I did for two horrible years, and I'm never going back.