Race Report: 2009 Muskegon Chronicle Seaway Run 15k

One of my favorite races is almost always one of my worst...and I'm OK with that

Today marked the 3 year anniversary of my first road race ever--the Chronicle Seaway Run. The first year I ran the 5k in a blistering 31:13...and was bitten HARD by the race bug.

Ever since then I have done the 15k. First year the miles were not well-marked (they still aren't--rather than signs they have someone at each mile-marker with a stopwatch calling out times. I would much prefer a visible reference, since I am usually too spaced-out to notice random people yelling along the sides, regardless of WHAT they are yelling), so I sandbagged a lot, not knowing where I was on the course and how much further I had to go.

That race was a big factor in my Garmin purchase a few months later.

Last year it was SUPER humid AND hot, plus I was in the middle of knee crap. I was just happy to finish alive and still able to walk.

This year I bettered my time from last year by over 2 minutes for a course PR (1:29:47), but not a true PR. My 15k PR is over a minute faster...and on a MUCH more difficult course. But it's also in March, which means perfect humidity and temps and minimal allergy/asthma issues.

Every year I slowly chip-away at my time from the previous year. And this year I was not last in my age group...I was still 11th, but 11/12. Did I mention this race attracts a lot of speedy people? Usually I finish races right in the middle of the pack or at the back of the big pack, but I am always pokin' along at the rear of this event. One of these days I'd be happy to finish in the top half of my AG...think it's gonna take droppin' 20#s for that to happen.

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