RIP Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

Icons of my youth...

Michael was such a mess for the past 20 years or so...but he still created a lot of music that I really enjoyed and was a big part of the soundtrack of my childhood. I just could not bring myself to buy any of it--I could not support his potentially pedophiliac behavior. Today I downloaded a sort of "greatest hits" album spanning his entire career off of iTunes. At least now I feel sort of like my hands are clean, since there are kids who may benefit from purchases of his work.

My favorite MJ video...in large part due to the Herb Ritts direction. It's like many of his still photos put into a motion picture:

Just beautiful.

To pick a favorite song would be more difficult. I love some of the early Jackson 5 stuff, as well as some fairly recent solo work. I think I like some of the stuff off of "Dangerous" best. That was the album he released during my first year of college. I have a lot of fond memories of watching MTV (back when they still played videos) in our dorm room.

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