Still grinning from ear-to-ear

Nevermind how crabby I look in this photo (I like to believe that I was thinking to myself "That's MS. Captain!"), I was having such a blast from the time I woke at 3:30am (a bit before my alarm was set to go off) until I finally crashed back in bed around midnight.

I am STILL on a happy high ever since Saturday's trail relay up-north. I'd do one every weekend if I could. Perhaps next year I would consider doing the Dances With Dirt relay in Hell, MI, though it would likely mean not doing the Old Boys' Brewhouse Oktoberfest Marathon, as they are only a week apart. That's probably biting-off a bit too much.

This is my only "action" shot...uh...yeah, I have a massive spare tire going on. Ugh. So need to get that under control. It looks like all 6 members of our team want in again for '10, so it will be interesting to see how much we can improve in a year.

My #1 goal is to drop my nagging extra 20#s that have been dogging me ever since I started running. That could spell as much as a minute/mile pace increase. Being able to run faster will also allow me to run more miles in the time I have...more miles = more speed, too. And less wear-and-tear on my joints.

But, perhaps most importantly, race photos that don't make me cringe. There was not a single "official" photo from Bayshore that didn't embarrass me. I'd love to have the dilemma of so many flattering photos of a skinny, toned bod that I can't pick just one...

Plus I'd like a new running skirt or two in the next year, but I refuse to buy my current size. 20#s should net me at least one size smaller.

Here's the good-looking group of people who shared the ~78 miles with me on Saturday. I wish I could run with this group every week...especially with beer and a cookout at the end of the run!

More photos from the day can be found HERE. Eventually I hope to have some video to share, too. Heather brought a nifty little videocamera, so there are several video clips from the race. Team HTFU! needs its own YouTube page.

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  1. I am in New York ready to depart for my relay race tomorrow morning. I can't wait!

    There is a "Run through Hell" 10-miler in August (I think) which is not Dances with Dirt but is fairly prestigious on its own. DWD is so popular it sells out like, instantly. Oh yeah, also, this year there's a new bunch of trail races called "Run Woodstock" the last weekend of September. I think the URL is www.runwoodstock.com. Or you can go to www.runningfit.net and find it there. I'm probably going to end up doing the relay or something.