2 Mug Day

2:30pm and I am on my second 16oz. mug of joe. Recall that I was posting a blog entry at 1am this same day. Yeah...I was still awake at 2. Didn't help that I took some cough syrup with codeine right before bed. Narcotics never play nice with me...they make me relaxed, but not sleepy...kind of zombie-fied. At least I wasn't coughing last night, though. Codeine + tussin does work very well to at least keep the hacking at bay.

Not sure what the coughing is about. I'm not sick in the least bit and haven't had coughing issues during the day, but as soon as I lay down to sleep I get this dry tickle in my throat. Very annoying. I'm wondering if it's asthma-related, though my breathing has been pretty good during the day and my allergy issues are very mild in recent weeks. Probably would be a good idea to pick up a peak flow meter to really get the full picture. An asthmatic friend of mine swears by this to predict asthma attacks before they hit and proactively treat her illness.

So my motivation is pretty non-existent. I am getting laundry washed, including bedding...but the car washing and vacuuming will likely wait. I did just take the car through the car wash earlier this past week, but it only removed the very surface grub and there's a lot of stuff now stuck under a coat of wax. Plenty of goobers of tree sap and bugs that need a little more gentle elbow grease to remove, too.

Next on the agenda is cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming...but I'm in no hurry. Sitting here with my coffee sure is pleasant. I have to get to my ab workout at some point, too. By the end of yesterday's 16 miler I could definitely feel the weakness in my core...lower back started to feel sore and my posture began suffering. Once that starts all sorts of aches and pains present themselves.

I did finish my 6 consecutive days of running with nearly 45 miles, which is cool. Haven't run that much since before Bayshore. Only about another month before I hit my first 50 mile week in this training cycle. This time around I'd love to hit a 60 mile week, though I think a 55 mile week is more likely for my peak.

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