Definitely Not

Yep, not doing the 10k I had originally planned to run this Sat. My back is STILL not 100% better (I'd say it's about 75% good...mostly just stiff and a little achey at this point), so I've not been able to front-load my mileage this week. The last 3 days I've run 6, 8, and 5 miles, respectively. Tomorrow I hope to do either 7 easy or 8 (2 warm-up, 6 @ marathon pace). Weather is going to be sort of iffy the rest of the week. Rain doesn't bother me in the least, but lightning does. I'm planning to do my 13 miler (my long run on this scale-back week) either Friday or Saturday, depending upon which day offers the best window of electrical storm-free weather.

I'm not terribly bummed about sitting-out this race. 10ks are really, really hard. All the effort of a 5k, for twice as long. I don't mind 5ks, I like 15ks a lot...but that distance in the middle...ick. Though it really is a good distance for gauging overall fitness and figuring what is a doable pace on marathon day.

My next 2 races on the schedule are both 5ks. I look foward to setting new PRs. The last 5k I did was under freakishly humid conditions between storms. I recall that Motion Based had recorded a high of 99% humidity and average of 97% at the time of my last 5k (over a year ago). Not good with stupid asthmatic lungs. I'm hoping that one of these upcoming races yields more reasonable breathing air.

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