How did I forget the butt?!

In that poll up there...somehow I forgot the category for glute injuries. And last night I realized I had forgotten it as I was dealing with piriformis pain, particularly in my left cheek.

While looking at the extended forecast for the weekend (scattered/isolated T-storms) and my event schedule I realized that yesterday may have been my only safe day to do my "long" run for the week, 13 miles. So I got out and did it, though the last 5 miles included a lot of walking. My right knee, hip, and lower back were starting to give me fits. 13 miles was probably too-much-too-soon after that 17 miler last week without my orthotic insoles...the run that left me injured the next day.

My runs in the interim have felt pretty good...often loosening things up. Yesterday was probably too much, too soon. NSAIDS + heating pad were not helping and really took a toll on sleep last night. Perhaps I should have gone with ice, but sleeping on an ice pack didn't sound appealing--who wants to wake up on a wet, clammy, squishy ice pack?

Tomorrow and Saturday I'm hoping to do 7-8 miles each...but I'll play it by ear. Today I want to do some yoga (mmm...pigeon pose) to help my problem spots and also an easier core workout. No speed work for the rest of the week. I was just starting to get back to doing some tempo runs, which I really enjoy, but that faster/longer stride can really anger an already angry piriformis, which I don't want to touch.

Speaking of core work, I'm not sure I can entirely blame the run without my Superfeet orthotics for the back issues. The day before that run I did just 10 minutes of core workout, but it was the core segment from Cathe Friedrich's Bootcamp workout. She is brutal...and the workout involved doing a lot of planks, including some one-arm/twist planks. I can't help but wonder if that contributed. My poor back...no wonder it's so angry. That was a lot of abuse for 2 days.

I just hope this resolves by next week. I have 50 miles on the schedule. If I have to, I will cut back...but that will likely mean readjusting my marathon training plan, as the next few weeks are currently planned-out pretty aggressively.

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