I'll never have to number my shoes again!

Seriously, how awesome would that be to never have to keep track of pairs of identical pairs of shoes in rotation by marking them in some way? At one time I think I had 3 pair of my NB 902s going at once. And because they aren't a white shoe they never really look all that different from fresh-out-of-the-box to ready-for-retirement a few hundred miles later.

One of the colorways (those gorgeous, garish blue ones) of the women's Nike Lunarglide+ went on sale via Nike's online store this AM...so, of course (duh!), I pulled the trigger. If I love them I will let RRS fulfill my pre-order when they get them in early next month. If I don't like them I will just cancel that order.

But I hope I will like them. Sure would be nice to not have to ration those remaining 3 pair of NB 903s...a shoe I don't even love, but about the only shoe I've tried in the past year that fits my foot well enough for distances beyond 8 miles. That seems to be my limit for shoes that are not a really good fit in terms of upper or support under my foot.

I read somewhere that Nike planned to put out 4-5 different colors of the shoe (not including those custom NikeID models that a person can order for extra $$). I found a few versions online. Not sure if these are all planned for US production or if some are only for overseas markets. Those insane purple ones were on a Japanese site:
I could run for an entire year (easily) without having to repeat colors--and by then Nike would surely come out with the Lunarglide+ 2. Those orange and pink ones are so sweet...I have a running skirt that those would match perfectly (though I hope to lose enough weight so that the skirt no longer fits...unfortunately it's not a color combo that RunningSkirts.com carries in their line-up anymore). I would wear any of those colors...I may not be fast, but at least I can blind the competition!


  1. oooh pretty!! too bad my butt ugly adidas shoes wouldn't come out with something like that :( But they make my feet feel good!

  2. I've gotten pretty lucky over the years with the looks of my shoes. Too bad all running shoes don't come with fun color options, though. My best friend needs motion control shoes...goodness, some of them are UGLY! They could at least make them in fun colors. Severe overpronators deserve funky shoes, too (especially since their shoes usually cost a fortune).