Nasty Yellow Pit Stains

Sounds like the name of a band, doesn't it?

Anyhow, I am frustrated to find that my only white wicking tank has horrible yellow pits. The strange thing about this is that none of my white wicking Ts have this issue--and I have worn them MUCH more than the tank top in question (a Champion/C9 "long and lean" tank from Target). I have worn this top maybe 5-6 times, at most. And the really odd part is that the other colors of this tank (it's my absolute favorite Summer running top and I have 6 in all different colors, since they often go on clearance for $10 or less) have not had such issues. Weird.

I wash all of my light-colored clothing with Oxyclean or Borax added to the wash cycle, but that doesn't seem to have helped with these stains. Anyone have any idea what might help?

Tomorrow I have my short core workout, then DS and I will do a 4 miler, with him along on his bike. I think we will plan our route to include a stop for ice cream...and maybe add an extra mile for good measure. We can consider it celebration of my brother's birthday, even though he lives out-of-state, heh. We can eat ice cream in his honor.

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