Oh, my achin' back!

Owie! I have never been prone to much in the way of back problems. Most of the time any backaches I experience are neck/shoulder issues...often due to a certain cat who thinks my pillow belongs to him. I've woken-up more times than I can count with my head off the pillow and my neck contorted. That usually leads to a few days of neck spasms. Fun fun.

I'm attributing this lower back business to 17 miles without my Superfeet insoles, yesterday. During the run my right knee and full arch area hurt a fair amount...these are areas that don't typically bother me with the insoles (my outer arch/peroneal tendon area may sometimes still bother me with the insoles, but this usually seems to have more to do with shoes that have stiffer forefoot areas).

The run itself went pretty well, especially considering the dry, hacking cough that has interrupted my sleep every night for the past week+ (I think it must be allergies, as I don't have a cold...but during the day have no issues. Apparently being horizontal is giving me sinus draining that's irritating my throat). This afternoon I need to get in an easy 6 miler with the kiddo along on his bike. Today I definitely won't be going sans-Superfeet. I think it's pretty clear that the new Nike Lunarglide+ shoes still don't offer as much stability as I need. Nike is marketing them as a shoe that is idea for everyone from underpronators to those with moderate overpronation, but I would say that the stability correction offered by the shoe is no more than mild stability.

At least I slept reasonably well last night. I took Delsym before bed, so that kept the coughing at bay for most of the night--woot! I also had the entire bed to myself, as DH stayed down at his aunt's place. Today he is riding in the Holland Hundred bike ride. Looks like the weather cooperated a bit better than had originally been predicted. It was supposed to be off-and-on rain all day, but it's mostly just intermittently overcast with a good breeze. Any rain now looks like it will hold-off until closer to suppertime, when he should be done with the ride.

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