Second Wind

You may be wondering what I am doing awake at 1am the morning after running a 16 miler (ie like less than 12 hours ago)...I, too, am wondering this. I don't know why it is, but I often seem to find myself WIDE AWAKE in the evening after my long runs. My legs may be achey, but my eyes are like this: 00

Even the relatively strong beer (Flying Dog Brewery Snake Dog IPA) I had earlier didn't make me drowsy. Perhaps I should have had 2...or 3, but I wanted to blow some calories on buttered popcorn, instead.

I need to make myself go to bed...kiddo will be up in 7 hours or so. I know tomorrow I will regret burning the midnight (er...1am) oil. At least tomorrow is a "rest" day. I have cleaning the bathroom, washing the car, vacuuming (house and car) and my ab workout on the agenda.

Am I the only one who experiences this phenomenon? Perhaps this is like when I was a little kid and would get overtired and wired (my kid also does this--on top of ADHD it's almost a comical sight to watch him literally buzzing all over the place). At least I'm not bouncing off the walls.


  1. nah, it's just my kids that keep me up! They are like crazy night owls, or bats, or something else nocturnal! Hope you got some sleep :)

  2. Zoomy - I unfortunately have experienced this. As I have crept into my late-30s, my body has become increasingly sensitive to caffeine. If I drink caffeinated soda or coffee after 2pm or so, I'm awake in bed and having a hard time falling asleep. Even if I have a beer (or bourbon) before bed...I still can't relax.

    I have found that popping a few benedryl will help me doze off. That, and stopping the caffeine intake at lunchtime.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Wow this is a really cool blog! I love the design. I also find it very difficult to sleep after running. Not sure what to do about it either. apart from running in the morning instead, but I never have the time.

  4. Mike, I wish I could blame it on the caffeine, but I think I had finished my coffee by 11AM, yet was still awake well over 12 hours later...caffeine can't possibly be the culprit there.

    I used to be much more sensitive to caffeine, where I'd have to cut myself off 8 hours before I wanted to get to sleep, but nowadays I think they could give me a caffeine IV and I'd probably sleep through it.