That was a wise decision

Several days ago I decided to sit out on the 10k that took place yesterday. As much as I would have liked a new 10k PR, it was just not meant to happen...for several reasons:
  • My back is STILL bugging me a bit...not enough to curtail my mileage, but definitely enough to make me limit any sort of "quality" workouts or races.
  • It ended up really humid yesterday AM and humidity and my lungs have never been good friends, but especially not in recent years as my asthmatic issues worsened.
  • I didn't arrive home until almost 3AM from the Domestic Problems show on Friday night...and was also just a tad bit hungover for the first half of yesterday...heh. Apparently this 36 year old girl is too old to be partying like a rockstar.
  • All the cigarette smoke in the bar has really taken a toll on my lungs. I am STILL feeling like someone took sandpaper to them nearly 2 full days later.
What a great night, though. It was so great seeing Andy, Billy, Job and the rest of the band. Those boys were STILL playing when we called it a night at 1:30 (but apparently only for maybe one more song).

It was hilarious to see all of these old-timer DP fans, though. I have not managed to make it to a live show since I was 5 months pregnant...with the kid who is now 8.5. The fans I remember were all in their mid-20s/30s. These same fans are now all in their 30s and 40s. And you could tell that there were a LOT of moms and dads who don't get out much and are of the weekend-warrior variety of partiers nowadays. Lots of sloppy drunk people approaching middle-age...and without a lot of grace. As one person I talked to said, it was like they were damned if they weren't going to get their money's worth with the kids are at home with a babysitter.

The guys who were very obviously looking for hook-ups near the end of the show were just plain pathetic, though. Really, guys...it didn't work when you were in your 20s...and it's not working now, either. The married couples groping on another during "Untitled" were amusing.

We were surprised by how many people left with still an hour or so of the show to go. I was exhausted, but who knows when I'll get to see DP play again. The 3 original members of the band are all spread-out across the US, now (jobs and family needs have taken 2 of the original members out-of-state). The stars need to align properly for them to be able to put a show together, so I won't miss any of them in the future if I can avoid it.

The club they played at (Billy's Lounge) was decent, but not the experience that the shows at the State Theatre in Kalamazoo always were--the sound at those, alone, was so amazing. Plus we really weren't able to see the stage at Billy's. Short of standing on barstools there were just too many people in front of us and I'm no longer keen on being pressed-against a bunch of drunk, sweaty old farts like myself.

Even though I felt pretty off yesterday AM, I did manage a S-L-O-W 6 miler before heading over to the first West MI JDRF ride team pool party of the year about 5 minutes from our house. Around 3pm or so the first few riders starting trickling-in. What a nice afternoon of swimming, eating, swimming, eating...more eating...chatter...eating...perfect day.

Tomorrow I need to make up the speed workout that was supposed to have been done yesterday. Today is a rest day, though I do need to do my ab workout before bed. Anything to help avoid future lower-back issues. My back is still not 100% and I've read and been told that even minor back spasm issues can hang around for a couple of weeks, at least. Ick.

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