Tried & True

So tomorrow I am back to wearing my trusty Superfeet insoles in all of my running shoes for all of my runs. I think any discomfort I was having with the Superfeet in my newer shoes were while wearing the blue ones (which have almost no cushion over the plastic orthotic base to allow one to use them in tighter shoes or shoes without removable sockliners). I had given them a try in my current narrower shoes, as they are thinner and allow me to wear a relatively heavier sock without creative lacing. But thinner socks would allow me to continue wearing the "berry" Superfeet insoles, which served me well through 2 marathons and countless shorter races and training runs. The blue Superfeet feel hard under my arches. When I put a blue one in one shoe and a berry one in the other there is a subtle difference in feel under my arches...the sort of thing that isn't so noticeable while standing, but after miles of running becomes VERY noticeable--to the point of discomfort.

So today ended up being an unplanned rest day, which is fairly frustrating. I had planned to log more miles this week than last, but it was not to be. Next week my schedule includes a 10k race on Saturday, so my miles won't be terribly high then, either. But if the back is still tender for the next few days I will have to rearrange my schedule and perhaps bail on the 10k race. I don't particularly like that distance (all the agony of a 5k, for 2x as long!) and it's the morning after the Domestic Problems reunion concert an hour away, so if I had to eliminate that race it wouldn't be the end of the world...

Off to enjoy a beer. I haven't earned it today, but it should at least make my back feel better...or something.

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