6 miles with my Superfeet...back felt MUCH better. I woke with it still feeling pretty stiff and achey, but decided that a short run might do me some good.

The first half mile felt pretty stiff and awkward...I'm sure my form looked "off" (I mean, moreso than usual, heh), but I felt better the further I went. Thought about doing more, but didn't want to push it.

I'm sort of thinking I may skip the 10k on Saturday, though. I really want to take it easy for the first half of this week, instead of front-loading my long run and speedwork, as I had originally planned--probably not wise with the back still not near 100% healthy. I'd rather save the tougher stuff for later in the week, when I was going to be taking it easy in preparation for the race.

Plus I'm not a huge fan of 10ks (well, I've only done 2--both were the same race, 2 consecutive years...horribly organized). I've not run this particular race before, but it's almost an hour away...and the morning after a concert I can't miss. My favorite little local band ever (Domestic Problems, a rock/blues/funk band out of Grand Rapids, MI). The band members are spread all over the US now, but manage to reunite here and there for reunion shows. But, as my best friend pointed out, there may come a day when they can no longer do this. So we have to take in their shows whenever we can.

I've not had the opportunity to see them perform live since I was 5 months pregnant...so almost 9 years ago. This is the first time that the stars have aligned just right. I gotta go.

And I'd rather not try to run a race the next day, especially after an evening in a smokey bar. I'm guessing I wouldn't be in my bed and asleep much earlier than 1am (concert is an hour away). And I'd have to be up 4 hours later to drive to the race site, register, run a warm-up, and "take care of business." Eh...just seems not worth it for a race distance that I don't care much for. Plus the registration fee...meh.

I'm also planning on 2 5ks in the next couple of months. One is a tiny evening race 5 minutes away, the other is a fundraiser an hour away that several of my RunningAHEAD.com running buddies will also be running. I'd rather not blow so much $$ on too many smaller races. I still have a half-marathon, marathon, and trail race before the years is out, too.

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