8/22 Garmin Data

I love my Forerunner 305. Here are the stats from yesterday's 18 miler...you can see my 7 miles at marathon-pace (10mm) or a bit faster. Yeah, I'm pokey, but those miles felt so strong. By the end of my run I was not gassed. It was excellent.

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Intervals (GPS Interval)
TypeDistanceTimeTotal TimePaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
Interval1 Mi11:08.4711:08.4711:09
Interval1 Mi11:09.8522:18.3211:10
Interval1 Mi11:16.3333:34.6511:17
Interval1 Mi11:14.944:49.5511:15
Interval1 Mi11:09.3955:58.9411:10
Interval1 Mi10:54.111:06:53.0510:55
Interval1 Mi10:55.991:17:49.0410:56
Interval1 Mi11:05.11:28:54.1411:06
Interval1 Mi10:01.541:38:55.6810:02
Interval1 Mi9:49.261:48:44.949:50
Interval1 Mi9:551:58:39.949:55
Interval1 Mi9:49.032:08:28.979:50
Interval1 Mi9:55.562:18:24.539:56
Interval1 Mi9:53.842:28:18.379:54
Interval1 Mi9:45.972:38:04.349:46
Interval1 Mi10:23.292:48:27.6310:24
Interval1 Mi10:21.452:58:49.0810:22
Interval1 Mi10:07.983:08:57.0610:08
Interval0.06 Mi0:33.373:09:30.439:17

One of these days I need to mess with the heart-rate monitor. I've had my Garmin for almost 2 years and haven't once used the HRM that came with it. It's just data that I don't really have need for...I know I'm running beyond my abilities when my asthma kicks-in...nevermind heart rate. I know I'm running easy when I can talk with a friend or sing a song. But I am curious to see what my heart is doing on a run with some pace miles thrown-in. My biggest concern is the very real potential for chafing. I am not exactly small-chested and am not sure how compatible underwired, heavy-duty sports bra and HRM strap would be...


  1. Awesome splits on the 18 miler. You went out easy and got stronger on the 2nd half...that's great!

    I just did a 15 miler today - and it must have been my first 30 mile week since last year's marathon training....I'm beat!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Now I just hope race day in 2 months goes so well!

  3. Wow - you are really improving in speed! Keep up the great work!!

    I'm interested to see how you do with the HRM. I think if I used one it would beep it's warning all the time, since I have to run 14 minute miles just to be able to talk comfortably. And forget singing. That just doesn't work when I run. :)